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This is it : I have found an amazing idea for concluding with this adventure.
“it came from Billy Idol song “Shangrila” and from Generation X song : “Valley of the Dolls”. At an epoch in my life ; I was often invited by my family to the “Tong Yen” in Paris (a must for asian foods that I would sincerely recommend to you) ; and we were saying “hi” to Roman Polanski as he was there every week end – he lived crossed street ; so he invited his new girlfriend and flirt ; Emmanuelle Seigner (daughter of Louis Seigner), that he sponsored in his movie “Frantic” with Harisson Ford.  It was a long time ago – maybe about 30 years ? And I was very young I didn’t know his movies yet at all ; apart from the funniest “The Fearless Vampire Killers“… Especially I didn’t see the “Valley of the Dolls” featuring his first wife Sharon Tate. Anyway if I must chose between Polanski and Idol : I keep my Billy Idol as I do like real emotions : – I do think in his experience and understanding of the life he made himself a man and a conscience (finally as Elvis Presley did also for he was sensitive with good empathy : childish but intelligent about the “outside” world ) ; he kind of deserves to see – Shangri-La – with his heart.


“it came both from “Adam In Chains” by Billy Idol for the Greek part PROMETHEUS and the Egyptian deity AMUN – far before Akhen-aton. AMON(N) was the revealed Egyptian God that had been iconoclasted to replace the faith settled by the Priests of AM-ARNA trading it for a monotheist cult imposture named as “RA”. In any case the nature such as the SUN isn’t a God. Not that this Messianic co-opted settlement wasn’t a benefit for anyone : it is at the source of the overall conflicts and due to its material liberation ; it engenders the permanent dualities. 
Rather a God of beauty had created all of this nature ; thus in our representation of the world, these oppositions dual > have a separation concrete made a creator thaumaturge and a spiritual one. After Zoroaster ; the belief of Manu (Manicheism) infiltrates everywhere to elaborate the fission between these two entities. Most certainly Moses had become Amenophis IV by choice for the cultism and his people ; getting helped by Cannainites ; the Leviticus scribes and priests writing the Mosaic law had started the politics using the Dogma as a public pressure with> RE/Akhenaton. At the epoch started the Judaïsm but none of those tribes were described as jew (since then those distinctions had been defined by the Levites themselves  ; having carried the law by the word transmitted in the texts). – Israël if there is ; existed in the communion of the people loving and recognizing a same belief and a tradition. The story we had learnt or read in universities ; never was the one truly happening. The religion is a tool for the politics. After this reign the cult of AMUN had been settled again by its priests ammonites and pertained for some time. AMUN was also assimilated to THOT. AMONN is also the one unseen as THOT being his reflect he also would be a keeper of Hermetic knowledge ; transmitting it to Pharaoh : from the bright Egyptian glorious epoch, to the Coptis in first place ; to the Greeks thereafter birthing their philosophy. As a name we know Hermès Trimegistus ; who stands literally away from any schools of mysteries, doesn’t meet either with any heresy ; the Three King Magicians end up their rituals and all magic is ending, as soon they do visit the new born ; in Bethlehem.


The Greek and the Egyptian myths do present the archetype of a guardian from the passage to down belows or highs above and weighter of all Souls. The inspiration of Ridley Scott and Hans Rudi Giger re-visited a prehistorical Gnosis ; an archaism made of superstitions rather pertained as a fundamentalism taken from the Maya (or Labyrinth of Theseus, foremost by a grand fascination and belief in the theurgy) with Anubis or Cerberus, a fascination in Thanatos. As in all myth meeting with religions emerges the gnosis. But you must know that kids do prefer the Legend than the truth being revealed.
For the reason that there is a good and bad Gnosis, Adam and Eve had lost Paradise because they had eaten the fruit of the Gnosis: not recognizing anymore what in the Truth ; believing in what was just and rational. A kind of Egregore to AMONN had been created to be representative of the signal S.O.S seen upon the Alien planet LV426 added to the overall album creative concepts. It was a hint to the “Belle and The Beast” by Jean Cocteau and its syncretism symbol of the libertarian utopia by the sectarism: could it be heresies emanating from the Rosicrucianism or the “Prieuré de Sion” described in Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” being yet a myth. All influences modern have impregnated our culture and birthed out the sub-cultures we know today by a dedicated methodologist Theosophy: this ; during all the XXth Century. Not everything in the theosophy is wrong but Scott’s movies prove this degeneration shortening the dialectic. As there is no faith in the life itself nor humanity there no-more but a deception. It is represented by Ripley meeting with the 8th Passenger ; also shown in Blade Runner with Zohra character: a Replicant NEXUS 6 Model, not benefiting like others of the awaking empathy. As you know it in both movies ; the “flesh is weak”, there to take everything for granted. Thus, the ALIEN creature living inside of her Labyrinth: remains a creature of vengeance and pertains in a damnation. Something found in the Buddhism having inspired a credit to the Theosophy ; as a perpetual revolutionary cycle unable to break-up with its pre-fabricated belief and only determined by some “instant karma”: made the “pre-destination” as if all happening was by involution of a transcendental regression and not a creationism having emanated from the “Divine Providence”.

Horus Zone is held by Charon. At the horizon: a satellite of Pluto. Pluto could impersonate Horus himself. As Charon is the smuggler of the Styx or Acheron. Beyond the Styx by the pre-socratic Greeks ; there are two ways. As in the onthological aspect of the Christianity belonging also to the greek initiation – Perpetual death by the Abyss and a wandering which would be a judgement of Anubis (Charon) or the notion of a Resurrection to the Heavenly -. “There is not a go between” in this void when you are not existing in the reality and you are not found either by spirit it would mean you are not anymore on any planes existential (none by Charon and none by Pluto) as the dimensions in the Cosmos or verses have a limitation in number (metas) ; except that for the Greek scholars, there is not an eschatology ; the universe is infinite > no beginning and not an end. Charon and Pluto would define LV426 the Acheron as the primordial Abyss of Chaos (the Fall) where the Prometheus Derelict spacecraft crashes with the signal S.O.S. sent out to the Nostromo. It also would represent the planet where – Major Tom – is found dead in “Blackstar” video by David Bowie… In the mind of David there was a precise projection of himself and the judgement of an angry God above him – in the question of Shakespeare “-to be or not to be- in the afterlife?” > get re-carnated or get annihilated” – but in the Resurrection taking advantage of this space between being the void ; there is not any material re-carnation announced” ; there is what is promised by: the Grace , where Christ is no alien to our human gender ; rather settled into the communion.- For this part I’d finish here saying that I do mostly think that in his spiritual life : David Bowie was misled. He was successful in all he did in music and a great talent with potentials to give a respect for but as a construct for himself ; the shining light of fame led his wings to a “slow burn” – simply because he had eaten of the fruit by deeping much into the knowledge of the bad and the good, not making anymore the difference between “beliefs and superstitions”. The certainty he seeked ; this precious water from the – ancient Sophia of the Philosophers – being preserved, he didn’t find but the Pistis in a cactus tree ; served with more than: “hurting thorns”.


– WHY WERE MODELS featurings added to AMONN ?
They where added embrassing the idea pertained in projections and divinations : in the past premonitions and description of the future by divinations or/and magic could it be the theurgy  were represented and held by Muses and Priestresses were VENUS belongs both to ISIS and many greek Goddesses such as the beauty Aphrodite. There is a choice to be made in between hermeticism and esotericism ; at least recognise in both what is to extract of good principle. Could they be Greeks or Egyptians the path Gnostic also does belong to a traditional Pantheon and Archetypes  being both legendary with some historical casts or heroes but the Myth remains always the Myth: a fabrication transmitted by the texts, as in the Prophecies anterior and “oral” ; nothing ever told was modified. In the creative concept side these Models do represent Ridley Scott’s Replicants as they all are fallen : alike a new empathetic generation of prefabricated Dolls ; we all had been fallen into the matter since the cosmos was created. So nothing in there does ascent. It descends progressively losing Spirit to get in-carnated. To return to the Stars ; or Heavenly-in-Spirit ; will need the proper proofs made in this One life and upon this Earth…

Mystic progressist schools, named the phenomeneon after the reintegration of the Soul during decades. Probably there one exception to the errand ; as Friedrich Nietzsche had succeeded to influence a few followers being the strict exception to the way of deception ; as Rudolph Steiner  : – It had been a misinterpretation and this gnostic errand was filled-up within a seducive  revision founded by the sensual and rational scholarship  : since then getting from the religion schisms or heresiacs ; up to the libertarian philosophy transmuted into politics. Along with Martin Luther and Jakob Böhme ; from Barush Spinoza ; to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz influences of Martinez de Pascally. – Formed by those Schools of Philosophy ; Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin was the only one to decide to break-up before it was too late for him as he had a penetrating conscious and was a very realist Metaphysician. The founded Order had remained having stollen his name (Now settled left in Moscow ; since Papus had protected and advised the Tzar Nicolas II ; telling him that he was in a serious danger). He understood ; never too late, where was the mistake… when the “Death of God” is slowly getting promulgated by those decievers , addicts of the Kantian moral and methodology ; insiders of a dialectic that will impregnate the modernism : made their future political crimes and their genocides.



Besides all prefabricated icons being famous ; carving a success is generally made in a rush appealed “by the star system” ; sometimes being an abuse ; the standing MEDIA conforts the masses in the illusion of a dream, artists get sometimes initiated to copycat – Jesus – (though Christ didn’t think he’d become so much famous). Fashion is oftenly a tour for symbolizing access to a glittering enlightenment, an ardent bush (the magic that people generally speak of and its supernatural). The miracle might have happened?: participating in > 1°-Musics and promoting >2°- Casting sexy girls : the Shangrilla-Dolls™ Models.


During 12 years ; AMONN  has delivered V2 “version TWO” as a repertoire made of 120 titles – the replication was to closely tribute famous artists and bands within a short time frame ; with a creative maximized investor profile. In there not every Model I had chosen are REPLICANTS. Some had a great personality and featured a strong conscious, having charity, humility ; beauty and a soul ; also a great affection for an animal : (example > dog or cat) ; which determined their empathy. Either, maybe not everyone deserves a soul having fallen from all Grace. As in this Cosmos (Beauty in Greek ancient) there is possibly not enough “good” material to get receiving a Spiritual carnation.

Maybe much more simple to explain ; that fashion not always had been under the influence of the syncretism. It is there a mix-up of different influences being gnostic but not the proper gnose. What is depicted there as a flow of light bulbs ; in a movie made as a long video-clip reminding “The Hunger” and “Cat People” is about the decadent way fashion and modern art had sacrificed the beauty and the values had switched to a kind of no-man’s land. As the art and fashion had followed rules imposed by a market of lobbies and a synarchy. Not anymore the talent itself. Here : “whom you know” and “whom you would loose virginity with” – make the rules. Not anymore the talent itself. A perversion of the modernity to contemporary and neo-demon. Neon Demon would also be dedicated to all fashion models who died by suicide or crime upon the altar of passions as fame and money. In the principle you see in the movie no academism ; in the choices of models promulgated either the other models are much more graceful but disqualified. Beyond any system of magic though it is well anchored : the film depicts how superficial, corrupt and vain had become the business and with it the influences of D. Hirst ; McQueen, Versace and so much more influent artists of the 21th century ; as there is a confusion Promethean of the myth made to the profit of a neo-gnose. The neo-gnosticism is defined there as an entity itself ; like “Society” and a new powerful Egregore is therefore achieved to decide the rules of an overall industry : – incarnating “the Neon-Demon”. – Damien Veen.

– I hope you enjoyed AMONN/Shangrilla-Dolls™ at Myspace held from January 2005 to June 2018. It has been a great adventure with a lots of involvements and gratifications – finally after few years, it had imposed a rythm and style and had shocked or shaken the establishment being so greedy. In itself the music business is monolithic and sometimes very static.

Studio Facility

Studio Facility

By the years 2018 to 2020 ; more songs will be added to support the effort and pertain the idea.
I will finish the last Albums by AMONN also give a VISION with VIDEOS – I have to move the studio and finish plugs.

You will find by the weeks reading more of this article ; as the blog will be ending to this one thread :

1°Bibliography having been the influences of AMONN.
“I do not give sources anymore as I do believe the persons must not be influenced by me. They have to understand clues and find comprehension of what I had lef for them insider of Amonn creative Albums as it is my own heritage and all I had made. I did push on a lot of details being temporal and divine. Especially insiders of the iTunes PDF’s. Amonn is being such a bright enigma also to me. I feel I have had a strong artistic maturity increasing in my research because I was lucky to work with people in the music at industry ; I do believe in myself more but I do not master everything that I had workshopped during more than 10 years as the overall concept idea : – sometimes it tends to escape from me. Therefore I want persons to discover the music and lyrics as also the thematic and make up their minds very standalone from my personal influence – that could have been carried through Facebook or else bloggers that I truly disliked ; I would like them to draw with it ; their own conclusions…” – Damien Veen

2°Credits such as the persons having been involved. Influences there are manies by the choice of artistic tributes and collaborations.
credits copy
3°All links related to AMONN and references (such has Elite=V=Industries and more).
4°Catalog list will be later made as a PDF available to everyone.

A. “AD MEMORIAM > COLLECTION VOL1&VOL2 PDF’s” Amazon, iTunes. Those are no longer distributed. But maybe one day as another digital format.

B. ALL ALBUMS BY AMONN are available at AMAZON Prime and on-demand CD’s.

5°If you miss something or need to contact my management – I will give the Shangrilla-Dolls™ label contacts :

An email has been sent to all Models and Artists also the Musicians having had a participation few weeks ago. To make the final statement and conclude about the artistic creation and thank all people.

AMONN had a strong educational and cultural basement – in the future it will make the collection and ideas rare to the fans and give it a plus-added value. In terms of aims it had been the one target having created AMONN & Shangrilla-Dolls™ and further more endorsed all the time it had been managed successfully. The idea to it was to bring emotional response to drive you to get in asking “to yourself” the right questions.

Thank you for all buys ; confidence and works having supported this fine COLLECTIVE COLLECTION.

U2 official release of V2 remixes by Amonn

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By checking our mail box in these days, we have been so surprised  and happy to find a note from WEA Online telling that the U2 remixes Digisales of 2007 had been finally officially granted by the Band for Apple iTunes.

Below the link to US iTunes for both remixes…


This release is from now officially becoming a U2 remix.

Get On Your Boots Art-Sleeve

Get On Your Boots Art-Sleeve

So I would like to thank Bono and U2 who might have this responsablility in the last decision promoting our job.

U2 mixes Arrakis [by Alf.E Eik ref. Lindstrom, Secret Garden] and Geidi Prime [by Damien Veen] of “With or Without You” are being featured well positionned in overall TICKETMASTER’s® for iTunes sales worldwide (click on iTunes Music) and in Apple iTunes worldwide except in UK where the front sale seems, for corporate Major company reasons, to have been dumped.

U2 remixes have been inspired after the DUNE series.

V2 vs. U2 by AMONN p+© 2007

1.98 $ pack of 2 remixes.

Also found searching for V2 vs U2 at Rhapsody and Napster.

I adverted the tracks within AMONN Myspace again until the launch of the 360° Tour.


Itunes US Link

Itunes UK Link

feat. Cyha ©2007

feat. Cyha ©2007

DV. Continue reading