“Passions and Politics : The propagandist turn of an industrial music business era”.

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The XXTh century is an incredible mess in terms of everything. For my artistic part ; it was made creating AMONN collectively and get in the discovery of a perverted system. Function of your political engagement more than a class – things will happen or not. The music industry turned as “The Cult” – we could have named it “activism” also “radical leftism”. So here we are in the now and my task is to be more precise about what I write.

For developing this argument ; passions and politics are just a perfect mix that might justify the fact some Bands are promoted ; some artists get silenced and ignored or left into the dark.

There is a pre-destination having no destination at all into this by the “Passions” – those will flirt well with a modern Cultism as insider of our passions – the “Deadly Sins” bring forward into corrupting the human soul.

An heritage modern since the Revolution of 1917. A sucessful Marxist & Bolshevik frame squaring the modern society as an enslavement led us to the totalitarian corporatist situation.

In 1890 in Russia and by the fundation of different successful Orders are emerging schisms of the Gnostic inherited Sofia permuted as Marxism/Leninism. Those reputated groups issued from social scholarships as humanist and social : Elitist school of thoughts such as: – the Fabian Society or the Open Society ; those will form the new administration framework we get today and birth out all a Cultural agenda. The people do suffer of this contingency althrough the last century. Anarchism is getting affiliated to these same protagonsists as a tool-axis to engineer the society’s deep-ends by the Universalism as a dogma (deeped ; shown now public as the rotten to the bone in a political perversion). It is a same Axis as in diplomatic Alliances – post-culture and pop are at the edge of everyting nocive for the public getting hungry with fashions ; giving it a new shape to brainstormers (publicists) and marketers of this deception by naming them “activists”. They have produced a monster becoming now an hybrid with the capital.

It is the song of David Bowie at reverso depicting the situation in the album “Scary Monsters” with his track title and lyrics “Fashion”.

David Bowie “Scary Monsters”

The Art and Poetry are no longer of actuality but comissioned to a tribunal telling what its good or not to consume ; same for a “unique thought” in general. Getting the reject of a new Academic form trading judgement to a Technocratic sentence ; as in a Talmudic way where “Adonai” creationism is no longer a canonic rule but iconoclasted.

This is how at different levels of the music from the private copy to the open source diversification to the savalge violations of copyright ; the art slowly had degenerated.

I have therefore chosen to finish the remixes of this visionary Album by Nine Inch Nails -Year Zero ; because it is the situation in the now with the Global Reset.

2010 was Year Zero as in advance of 2020 like if the band had been initiated.

I use this work and the music I did to critisize both the dramatic ideal ; the utopia and also the diarreah of uninteligible sounds that I can review all the time listening to what is proposed by publishers. Changing it complete as re-arranged : putting my salt insider of a re-harmonization. The original music having had no belonging insider of the Academy : the harmony.

Could it be harmonization of a single line or a musical swap to a 3th or 5th if not a 7th chord – all of this there is inexisant in term of performance but it remained much popular using by force of propaganda by the edgy of a darkness ; an agenda of publications free to download and fanatic arguments that are not so legitimated as they are all “lies” depicting the lie within our mainstream society. The arguments there are much activists to reverse the logic – by lyrics mostly and by the concept side – as a post-Hegelian confusion. The art became a propagandist tool and is no longer art – but a doctrine being figment of a stone brought inside of the Pyramid we know. This would represent the dilemma issued from the workshop of all a generation descent from the 1950’s baby boomers.

In these terms and application to my workshop added re-engineering Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero from the sources – is made by some build-up in the demystification.

  • These ones acclaimed Mao or Pol Pot ; dreaming of a world united ; a world depersonalized and a social democracy. A crescent added to the fundamentalism – a tyranny.

1°- An artistic demystification ; as the lyrics had no “mask” to explain the ideal of the plannification as a plannification Stalinian without the Nationalism but the profile leading to a comunautarist society (Climat Change ; Pollution ; New-Needs ; Warnings ; Collapse…)

2° – Per a demystification of the heroic model. The superhero here is Trent Reznor. He shall be seen a modern counter-fighter and adopts the intelligence servicing as a factual sum – unverifiable prefabrication or concentrate of informations made an illusion brought to the people to consume and absorb in the deconstruction of both : – the civilization and the art ; by an anarcho-structuralism (data-warfare) getting in a replacement to it – a new normal ; while there is a good form of anarchy with the uniqueness and its property quintessence and a one chaotic as universal without the ownership : – from there ; nothing much “bright” nor instinctive or good and providential should emerge. (Cogito Ergo Sum = Zero ; a quantitative and qualititive – results the hedonistic enon ; where the aboslute 0 leads to the void – the negationism = Capital G vs GOD).

3° – Per an apology of the classic music brought to restructurate the noisy or industrial. Transfiguration of what was noisy and deranging or also deranged – into something beautiful and ordered. A single melodic line and a reassembly will make Trent Reznor voice and lyrics beautiful and sensual.

4° – Per showing the damage yet done to the brain of the adolescent both operative and speculative (a future idea of the low profile degeneration of intelligence) in the way edgy activism and ideas passed through all generations ; corrupted amongst the marketings and propagandist mechanism. The sound & the voice shall be mastered as in – Meet Your Master.

In other words and to conclude here : – The identity of the band Nine Inch Nails needed not to reform. There had been attempts mostly promotional ; a marketing change to split the band as a rumour and get the buzz ; being for me the last heritage linked to David Bowie – in terms of a reference.

I had no choice saying : “I want to finish re-arranging and remixing in terms of production – than by finishing the job I had started 9 years ago with 4 tracks yet achieved and named Year-X NINMIX V2. When all of this trial is finished and presented at Soundcloud as Samplers – 128kps – I shall proceed to master finely for a 44.1KHZ PCM at 24bits layout.

The support could be a double CD or a mainstream Media – I am not sure yet but I want to invest for two reasons : – I do place myself being a resistance “AMONN vs NINE INCH NAILS” in the production phasis & finality because I do estimate I am not part of a big ideal nor deal. My ideal of life is not ambitious as a rock ‘n roller ; I see now very up-to-date how the working class heroes of the music business industry have had such a malfunction. And this is not even a personal statement.

In first they had embrassed a profession and they had to be politically correct to enter the Hollywood Movie’s Industry by a slight opened doorway. To legitimate this way – they let the public think that they do it with no support and the Legend is thus created (The Social Network/FB start-up was financed by the CIA support having invested 500.000 USD upon M. Zückerberg). In any service agency Mossad ; CIA ; MI6 ; to obtain a potential efficient agentur – is created the “legend as a kingpin”. The legend promotes the agent to infiltrate a professional milieu that he studied to adopt. Same in the music artistic industry and any art it states (Angelina Voight Jolie entered as an Ambassador of the United Nations for she had a predisposal): you will trade your soul to adopt a milieu and swim in this swamp up to the hall of fame. We can translate this by clothing a sheep-clothe and adopting the wolf-skinned politically correct. We cannot remain much naïve anymore. Cultural Affairs are the best way to promote a doctrine – art is a tool used for manipulating the public opinion.

  • You get Adler’s book “The CIA Report” or “How will look the world in 2030” to read in plain and you won’t have to read Year Zero lyrics – it inspired directly from there: and the mastership is issued from Bilderberg.

I had seen this approach everywhere it states by my experience of the life, some people dreaming of buying an Aston Martin or driving a Lamborghini : they were in fact no socialists but pretended to be. They’d do anything to run the red carpet of the Alley of Fame but here, the art and music is just an artefact. It has a common sense to the public charity that it wasn’t a toy for entertainments : what the mainstream media shows to you to see looks absolutely a perfect tour of philanthropy – but it is not the truth. It is what can be sold.

Then I don’t think that Nine Inch Nails ; David Bowie’s ; The Rolling Stones career – are legitimated much in art. I make this statement that the mission is beyond the talent or the art as a subversive installation systemic and it is the strategy – they rather look getting to the edgy and falling into fame as per this flame is the disgrace. A clownery ? I see studios well equiped and financed – potential budget – but not a revelant need of all this technology to assume the apology. Where is the moral of the story ? We didn’t even speak of a morality.

Bureau of Morality – Iconic subversive infiltration
  • Acts are your personal responsability ; therefore stands a moral before you in the trial to any of your acts – with no God above you ; you have no liability applied in any protection – nor here ; nor in the afterlife. -“All my trials, Lord Will be remembered ; everything has changed” (David Bowie – Sunday)
  • Trent is now isolated and in this final statement ; he is victimized by his own beliefs and ghosts (Nine Inch Nails) and the milieu he had slowly adopted to end-up like a conformist. He is conform with the milieu ; he reveals no Apocalypse ; therefore he stands in a perfect fit to the NWO ; a conformity with the mainstream of this ideal-socialism ; “the promised land” (B. Obama) and the terrestrial Jerusalem.
Iconic Internationalist Bureau – the conspiracy

It needs more than this to get into the honor and demonstrate a dignity from an art that is not tooled ; perverted nor toyed. It needs factual to show you are no doll by its puppet-master.

  • I had not yet read any factual and argumented basis of source information taken out of NIN. Misinformation ?” Deconstructivism could be intelligent. Watching their interviews ; I never understood any argumentation it stated – valid to assume clarification of a clean-standing conceptual idea.
  • Brainwash ?

Other examples – as getting into the obligation to sanctify a dead band or artist would result in pertaining your “self” not to be torn apart ; reveals itself a show-biz drama. It was the challenge between Nine Inch Nails staging with David Bowie (to keep-it-up). Congratulating people entricist of their vowed milieu ; ending-up in : – congratulating themselves esoterically – as an inner Cult ; center of a same Circle appeals to the navel.

An endless deception and the counterfeit pathway of all propagandist history is there to depict – as a phenomenon totalitarian pertained in all arts at industry since the XXth century began:- philosophies ; politics or economies and sciences.

Demystifying the fake “getting unmasked” must be done by : doing “good” in no mission to oneself or to the others – good is an absolutism and an absolution here to have effect as a genuine revision. Remixing stands as a revision like V2 by AMONN and a reinterpretation ; as when the future generation will soon or later discover such a pathetic history or understand that art and cultural history had been programmed for them to be consumed by human passions and not to see with clear eyes.

  • “I do it and will drink the cup until the last drop” – I said to myself – you will like it or not – let’s take the sake for poison – “it is my last workshop done upon any Remixes ; there is no way to continue this without getting crucified”. It must be accepted thereas interpreting Nine Inch Nails in a way much different or another positive comprehension ; in an inverted edgy-way where once iconoclasted into deconstruction ; it won’t be any longer possible for the “fan” to revisit the original Opus.
  • – You would ask me do you dislike Nine Inch Nails at this point to get into this? . No ; I liked the professionalism in the way it has been led as a career. My patriotism maybe will not help to be a very good friend of Trent Reznor because I see the fragile. The weakness might be the education he had inherited. It can be the place at the start isolated – but it was the right country to get everything best and to handle this band at the right time. All is matter of being at the right place and at the right moment. I am well initiated ; I worked very hard to have AMONN done and my family held a considerable educational heritage. I do not envy his “position” in the now at all because I am in the mesure to analyse it ; I simply have no pity for the deviant nor subversive unjustified : politics are at this epoch building-up fast and amplify very dangerously humanist passions... I had studied a lot about them. There shall be no reward to take into this in the end – I shall avoid any of this corruption form.

Another form of the deconstruction getting valid. A new reform shaping value to the art…

– Damien Veen


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