Elevator Music

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After I experienced REVERBNATION I will speak of what I think. It will give an appreciation of the overall milieu. Since you had a projection non-professional of musicians in the volunteer organized universalist crookery ; could it be companies selling the equipments or the social engineering which for most is a socialism and under conduct of politic influences ; emerged a new style being the Elevators Music!

So here we are : with this new genre and scam improvised musicians ; also wanted to be represented the DJAYS. They have no talent but pretend to be seen somewhere. It spoiled the professional music ; the envergure ; the level of recordings ; the quality and the rest. Emerging into this crowd a few followers of our deadly satanists and crypto-cabale from the music industry. They have a resent to get as a replacement or a follow up to their masters and represent less than them. They preach about David Bowie ; The Rolling Stones ; The Beatles ; Pink Floyd and much more… And they will fill an empty space with an average music into a syncretism – where indeed money is invested and deals are done.

This is what we have it is posed into place and the money is from the lobby Media -not to mention whom-. So if you do not belong to the family ; part or connected – nothing will happen. In 1990 Gilbert Miara a friend who made 3x times a fortune as a business enterpreneur had also lost 3x times the same collossal amount : one time for his own pleasure before he passed ; had told me this : “If an artist has talent in what he does ; composer or performer or even both – and a show-business enterprise – then one day, by all efforts ; he will find a public and get a recognition”. Well I never had found this to get to verify 🙂 – by all the years I had spent going through the music-business and industry I met people speaking much and doing nothing. On the contrary I had found more entricisms than a real talent promoted and more and more void recognitions.

REVERNBNATION is a mess paved of illusion. I have spent 6 month getting into analytics ; with a free account ; listening to all the non-professional wanabees out there hoping for a comment to their ugly profiles ; flawless – and I found out there about less than 10 percent projects “OK” to pass the test. The rest goes advertized by own wallets for getting into a bin trash. Or it has NO TALENT at ALL ; or it is neither produced correctly or the guys pretending are completly deafs.

This is what I wanted to say that ; To earn like BOWIE ; JEAN-MICHEL JARRE had to have a father named MAURICE JARRE and a wife pushy actress as CHARLOTTE RAMPLING ; she had been thanked with a divorce.

I would remind gratefully that this French man has very few talent indeed as a musician but the one to show-off a great real time technic performance – with all the team he pays for this action : he is surely not the action man of his shows – sponsors do pay for him to visit a country. For the rest any guy from REVERBNATION that I mentionned could have done his career with his synthetic music.

Some kind of an ELEVATION maybe !


D. Veen

Reject of “Reality”

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Last post was in November 20, 2021 and I said what should happen : it had happen yet ; except China/Taiwan conflict for instance… but there should be a NEXT anyway… If I had been courageous enough I had done a report about my experiences and what I was witnessing during these years of VR and 3-D. I had learnt many things from the experience. First thing I learnt is the inflitration of the gnosis and LGBT in any activity of the virtual game ; promoted by the freemasonery. I state this it is everywhere surrounding also in Virtual Realities : the METAVERSE. Especially what will seduce youth nowadays is the Beast of the Apocalypse ; the “Androgyn” of the Promethean fall. Adoration of the Beast is more easy than loving philosophy or any fundamental research about the self so it seemed. Universalism is almost everywhere.It shall not bring much rewards in the end : but since people pay for this marketing and someone backups money upon young people like many Rock bands we know… it is “alright” and fashion! I’d say here is becoming a new normal.

Second would claim about : the collective suicide of many young people in the reject of reality ; fact that finally they had rejected to act for themselves and others in the REAL WORLD. A constant rejection of Christian values : through a real introduction of the occult symbolism inside the game ; the merchandizing ; the 3-D goods and market. 3-D public is just a subculture – I don’t know if we can qualify it of art…

Yes SecondLife had become utterly nocive… and some Democratic politic tool for the masses.

I had continued to use it for getting videos. For having an image to give to the music I was arranging and less performing in the now. To give an identity to what is left of Shangrilla-Dolls Label. I justify it really because I am disgusted. There had been different sessions “DJAY/DOLLS” much active In-World and events ; some people helping me to carry tasks and also providing a structure thematic and concept fiting to an image 3-D ; charaters and so on…. I did it because finally I am an artist after all… I use all the tools I have at hand to express musics and have a decent production. Since then I didn’t lose the face and I secured the music outside of Apple ; Amazon or Spotify. “Some glimpse about one video ? Rather to get ideas refreshed…

Reasons to a reject by youth are comprehended because of COVID-19 restricions to Freedom ; concept of “LIBERTY” just being someting they are not concerned about because it is Democratic tending to become Totalitarian. The notion of liberty is connected to the LIBER EXCHANGE and therefore a business related to the control of the goods ; taxes and post control over the migrations and travel of populations. It is in no case a concept of FREEDOM at all but something into the hand of DAVOS WEF. It is humanist and not catholic. It is a downtrend. Youth is not asked anytime to understand this but rather to consume in Second Life and to be like a blotter absorbing brainwash. I had noticed this when I started wanting to REMIX Muse in 2007. The clientelism of that band turning itself to preteen occured a slight bit “pedo” – “satanic” not an option.It was hacking and tuning into babies upon some new-age related and other supernatural theories being most “chimeras”. This is how next generations get “brainwashed” unless the next incarnations get more “aware” and realise the situation they get in ; I do not think so – because the world you would fit in is already a construct and has a system in place. Unless there is an exoterical horizon event phenomenon ; divine intervention or collateral damage made to countries going against the heritage civilizational ; greek/christian ; unless some very evolved and psychic-wave of births carry some “INDIGO” children ; I think the REALITY is now yet sealed. We get as heritage and legacy ; before his death in 2016 ; I am a witness of the epoch ; not yet so old but on this way – David Bowie’s omen… : it was his last gift.

Young people understand now “body and soul” being separated from each another – then if you get hurt by someone he would carry no responsability from his acts : it is a new norm and it infiltrates the LAW. It is the dead end of the socialist Republic from Plato. You have a spirit born into the flesh. It is a whole… New age penetrating influenced with a low Buddhic profile. With this ; mental is focused by an hypnosis (the meditation) and thrown into a collective regression where people will become what they diabolically host : there cannot be any progress made with this but go back to the caverns. Some few above will manifest the moving shadows upon the walls in control of the screen. Yet a descriptive of the TV & video-games. They create a passive emotional and anyone enters into the brain and controls. A proper hack made by addiction of one drug : the dopamin thrown by the inceptions. Like in dreams – you are not master of your self-conscious. I would prevent speaking of an intelligence – few people are connecting into light to the metaphsyical. The Meta of VR is just connecting to the low. The “Cloud” is such a funny name… A screen of smoke maybe. When I was younger in scholarship ; I was asked a critical sense. From this I had to elaborate a rendering in plain form and paper written. I do not see this anymore nor a good sense.

Bowie then ; had shown before his regretable departure ; “God save his poor little soul if it is still possible” – that EU was getting behind the metal curtain. For this he had left some pictures of himself being a fellow grey tied character lauging in front of a closed aluminium curtain. As an inspector of the IRS ? or some of a Tinker ; Taylor ; Soldier Spy ?…Plus ; this is a plus : I learn today that Theresa May had been replaced by force – with the help of the MI6 to put Mr. Johnson in place and accelerate the BREXIT. The UK brexit seemed to me something like : “now that we emptied vital capitalist forces in Europe” ; we can leave… I mean the CITY of LONDON is proof to confirm it today ; though with the economy of war – would emerge many other problems. UK is an Island that cannot remain quarantined on the importation – if so it wouldn’t survive a grand cataclysm of hungers. It is not different in EU ; this winter called : “Red October 2022” ; there will be such an inflation and some products missing that defavorized familly would hardly resist this crisis. I can remember in Ukrain starting in 2008 (after subprimes crisis and shockwave) that electricity was cut in evenings and mornings. The Federation of Russia was the main provider for energetic resources.

It will be dramatic and the more it advances in time ; I do consider we are in the 1/3rd of the end of time described by St John’s Apocalypse. I’d say time to do a prayer ; confess if possible : if not adress to Virgin Mary and superior entities ; this to help yourself. Get inscences to clean your room ; purify this not like a superstition – there is none there ; it is less a ritual if you have Pontifical : some few sacred from Jerusalem why not ! – it will level your space like some cloud far above this parasite scum during your entitled prayers.

Some adventurers VR passionated of snipper’s game must realise that children of 14 years old are now sent with a gun by the UKR Army enrolled to fight the Russian Military. ; in fact a genocide covered by a war continued with no diplomacy ; no agreements ; with a puppet heading. Same for the Democratic LAW this one had turned in a Judaic Law that is no Mosaïc but the one of the worse times of Babylon. Maybe you heard of the TALION LAW – which is “Eye For an Eye ; Teeth for a Teeth. TALION LAW is the law of the strongest. In a way I did this REMIXED Album of Nine Inch Nails “WITH TEETH COMPLETE EDITION 2022” having thought about this ferocity. Another thing interesting ; some mercenaries from UK employed by NATO but acting as anti-patriots and apatrids under a false flag had been deployed in UKR. Newbies had also wanted to leave practice and probe the flesh. Before they trained in VIRTUAL GAMING SHOOT ; but on the ground and REAL LIFE most of them arrested/injuried or killed by the Russian forces at the frontiers and roads of Poland/Belarus/ UKR had been surprised it was not like a screenery… Indeed it was a less confortable gameplay with a metal jacket. Sometimes it was also a GAME OVER!

This is now the REALITY and not anymore a pledge – this is happening at the doors of EUROPE with a chance that BELARUS declares the WAR to POLAND. Then the WW3 will start and it could be a strategic atomic war with lethal small charges to start with. Unless there is a diplomacy. During this period the idea is to restrict people with sanitary pass. Meaning that EU administration is in complete fear that in case families couldn’t feed their kids – it would degenerate. For that they found some alternative to impose vaccine to all children in September 2022. I encourage you “indeed” to bring your babies offered to the Babylonian Moloch and get on that way marked of the 666.

I wish you well and the best in these memorial times. We shall remember them. If you are in EU now ; I welcome you to this renewed USSR. As most of us stand now on the other side of the WALL. Another block is birthing where WAR can be activated upon ancestry soil anytime and anywhere depending of the politics. They are from far remoted by corporate UK and USA. Does it mean they are more protected ?

This is for now after my long mutism.

I see that there is a tour of Nine Inch Nails this year ; it is not international ? Indeed it remains corporate… It goes to those who Democratly supported and opened their social doorways – I am wishing NIN ALL good… Not sure they’d follow me into my “Destroy and Conquer”…

The REMIXES are on the way though and this year opened to stream – Enjoy! NINMIX V3RTIGO BY AMONN FOR BANDCAMP.

Wishing you well… ever you shall read…


2022 = TOTAL WAR

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At my great surprise ; by watching stats – I have visitors to the Shangrilla-Dolls Label who read me. So I said to myself why not continue the conversation here. I’d try to do so but by keeping those feet upon the ground :

I could state some poetic ideas or music ; though as I want to continue to remix the FULL Nine Inch Nails Album “With Teeth” – I had found all the STEMS to do so – my mental or psychism isn’t yet anchored into Trent Reznor for 2022.

I had seen that all the people who spoke to me about having a normal life ; get this vaccine – any brand that goes ARN/ARNm. The friends I know ; or members of my family who did it – did it for reasons that I want to collect here by some few words. Being 100% actors and conscious of the risks – they told me “we must trust the governances” and I need to work ; I need to travel ; I need to go to the theater and concerts ; I want to go to restaurant ; I want to consume like before. The fact they take a vaccine was to continue to consume like before – spend their won money like ever before as if nothing had ever happend… “continue to live and be happy!”

To answer to them ; I didn’t get in long speech. What I use to do is not to fight against a theorem bringing me into the complotist theory – it is absolutely non-sensical to do so ; useless that they would even comprehend. I don’t even said to them “its bad ; you are wrong”. I rather say nothing getting into their stream of thoughts as they are no “enemy” I continue a diversion in their flow of intent ; like for example this sentence not preaching : – we shall see on a long term – or these are the fact coming in first place proof of state. I say this because ; you will never get the proper statistics telling any truth about the real cases of contamination or deaths caused by taking any vaccine genetically modified. Labs are today asking to the American government althrough a judgement to be able to “classify the reality of evidences” for the 57 years coming. During that time ; noone will be able to complain about having recieved a shot ; no dead will stand to party for Halloween to sue Pfizer.

On other hand I say : those vaccinated should not meet those who aren’t. It is evident. None of us should go in a quarantine – people should act as a responsability for themselves and others. Then I’d recommend not to mix-up during this event that for instance is not forwarded likewise to take end. Only a beginning I’d say in why:

First would you please conceptualize this new profitable economy made out of a rumour : “much ado about nothing pandemics” ; second the infernal cycle that those profits impose to everyone not to be able to get out of this new non-equity system that gave opportunity to only one sector of the economy to develop itself by engineering those pharmaceuticals and the totalitarian aspect of the imposition of the new act “healthcare security” – that is now accepted by everyone like a new normal. I would remind that USSR and the dissident concentration camps in Siberia where also considered a “normal”. Are you this far naïve when history repeats itself and that you have all historical facts to show you that it is happening NOW ?… Greater Israël sacrifices its people with vaccines ; the war is getting displaced from the Middle-East to the Extreme Orient and Eastern Europe.


I say : this new system comes to rescue an economy that was in a putrefaction as some dead alive in a phasis to collapse from a reborn stock-market event crash 2008. It was its finality to die but we continue... with the debt and the printing of new bills – We never will assume to end the propagation of both the credit/debt in terms of warrants and equities _ it has no solvability as it would implode the huge existing bubble. On contrary this bubble pertains and decuplates in many others. It would have shaken all an establishement by creating a greater depression that could only be retained by a devaluation to local moneys and a control takeback of the national moneys backcashed onto the gold reserves. The price of gold is maintained low. Get some ; buy some when it is still time…

NWO/NATO didn’t have any other solution to keep their economy system standing and pertaining than “DO THE WAR” in some remote regions of the Middle-East since 1990 ; as this isn’t anymore possible with CHINA-RUSSIA GATE ; they had a “LAUNCH OF A PSY-OPS PROGRAM FOR THE OCCIDENTAL COUNTRIES : BIOLOGICAL WAREFARE PANDEMICS”.

We have the biological warefare and as a result we get a FED reserve held by Blackrock being a corporate company made to distribute profits of Hedges and Funds to its investors – they have penetrated the coresystem by its deepend strategy of acquirings and fusions made as ultimatums to the national big firms all around the world ; overhauling them as a new economic system being an ideologic common pot named “global”. With the idea of a global money as Bancor in 1950 would birth a basquet of monies (DTS) trading for digital currencies as a final suppression of cash. In that mesure no-one entrepreneur can be anymore independent to decide… It is the end of any personal enterprise. All the vertical orders are directives made a plan for the goodness of the few richest speculators assemblated at the Davos Forum and deciding for the desitny of all a humanity. About 1-2 percent of the people holding the fortune upon this Earth.

This situation is unprecedent. Fight against it in the street ? Useless. On good principle : save the Planet getting green ? A parody ; like being masked in the streets walking in fresh air alone or injected.

At this point you’d tell me what to do ?I insist that nothing is to do. There is not any solution to this I repeat myself maybe ; the the Final Solution expressed by Jacques Attali (President F. Mitterrand advisor) 40’s ago in his book on plain paper is of actuality at the WEF and it strictly follows the technocratic agenda of 2022. Trump expressed that by 2022… It will be too late.

I would propose to Attali to show us the example by experiencing eugenism and go himself in first…

So what is the Future if there is no project anymore made available to middle-men ?

About the future if you had interest for the economy of stockmarket investors and speculators – Futures are no longer predictable. You can Youtube for ; – Charles Grave – he is reputated in the business and has interviews on many channels indeed – also in english.

If the future of the market is not predictable by us humans because all communications are getting too fast to see the next coup ; it will request quantitative transferts of information data and analytic at the speed of light to let the machines predict at our place and under maintenance ; for anything calculated so that the A.I. of transhumanists replaces any scientist able to do that. Here we are.

Science fiction ? None at all.

We are getting there and the reason why COVID-19 was planned is that it doesn’t need to employ anymore much economic analysts nor traders to predict anything. The machines can analyse the market and the Moguls think that our planet is overpopulated. Why keep everyone demanding while there is only few offers ?…


Solution ? A Third World War : National China/Russia ; South America against the NWO ?…

  • Though we assisted to tactical wars killing also civilians since Afghanistan ; Iraqi – you shall remind this old COLD movie “WARGAMES” where the scenario brings a teenager to enter systems and start the 3rd WW as a Nuclear Simulation from his LAN computer connected with the WHOPPER Central Strategic Giant Server ? Result = NO WINNER and GAME OVER. Meanwhile ; noone remains alive.
  • A strategic war ? Biologic weapon is in the now the answer to a war that couldn’t happen for making Greater Israël ; it has turned yet as a threat to the people by accelerating the economic process going to the NEXT step. “You’d break up my hegemonic plannification ? I will therefore break-up my toy…” : GLOBAL RESET. Will result :
  • Loss of property ; deprivation of individual privacy ; healthcare & security tyranny ; control and loss of freedom : a model socialist reproducing the monolithic technocracy from ex-USSR In EU. Starting by EUROPE following-up in corporatist countries UK/USA. An hybrid model having also the flavour of the German national socialism without its mystification.

You can then comprehend without predicting anything that if you want to get out of the situation we are in there is only one solution = the Spirituality.

I give to you the formula : Pray everyday ; even pray as a group. Pray God for the coming of the Divine Providence. Pray as a Christian for your own redemption ; it is time. Pray and you will be kept alive and preserve your families ; stand still very well certain that being a poor/good socialist and atheist not knowing a camp entering in Year 2022 ; will be too late to get a Grace nor Charity : remain and watch them fall…


D. Veen.

“Year Zero”

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The Matrix movie had many intentions and what it revealed at the epoch had many means – could they be informing the Illuminists themselves or in terms of a futuristic vision it was an apology. I saw it in London before I had left Paul Gambaccini the last time I met and spoke of David Bowie – he used to speak whatever about Elton John as a priority because he wrote some of those discreet lyrics in his pocket-notebook dedicated for a NEXT SONG ; and it was just after its worldwide Premiere – yes! – the first episode was well made and it was impressive.

Matrix Special Effects Museum

All is about the bug inside – the bug tracking Neo – what he does ; what he thinks and where he hides … control and regression as a repression get insiders of the society a few years later engineered by fear. We cannot call this a proper evolution – it is a downgrade. What challenges are those but the Twilight of The Gods. There is pagan there and a lot of delusions.

This is The Thing” shown below ; I had found it hazardously in Second Life Virtual Game lately and it looks like the one presented as some best innovative nano_technology by Dr. Frank Zalewski. Is it the OPUS of some DRAPA having merged with BIG PHARMA ?

Good God! yah “Only God knows!”

If I show it to you below : it is meaning that creative 3-D makers working with their digital MESHER tools are visionary too. It seems that the genetics we own do carry some message from the near Future. Just as in MATRIX MOVIE. Here “The Thing” looks organic” but indeed, it can be an assemblage as any Nano-tech now does permits. It shall be surely very advanced in LABS… More than we would even have imaginated as a nightmare. AI is one thing but NANOTECH might be worse. It does belong.

The Thing found inside a Second Life container

The first good idea science brought in organic Nano-Technology was to help repair some damage in the human body ; cure some diseases ; fix damage tissues and more as RNA does to treat some cancers yet…

I watched different videos of different microscope analysis – as the main question came to be “what is in the Pfizer vaccine in first place” ; what elements build-up this XEROX copy machine function made to build up a sequence of proteins protecting from Sars-Covid.

I didn’t really came to any conclusion – I have no proof stake and not an electronic microscope ; I am no scientist to tell you what substances are in the vaccines – but as I am a creative artist – I can tell you what a vision I see of all these “complotist” episodes.

First yes…it reminded me much THE MATRIX trailer and the special scene where Trinity gets the bug out of Neo’s navel. As the Navel is the greek Omphalos ; I saw here the idea much Platonician of a coming Messiah by the birth of a smashed BUG into a Canopus Looking Glass as the picture above. The BUG destroyed depicted much a kind of sacrificial ritual.

Then it was said that this THING ; this ORGANIC PARASITE was non organic but mineral ; silicium in chips is also mineral and I said to myself – if the Nano piece of art presented below ; has for a function to get awakened inside BETA-TESTERs injected previously ; from all those genetically modified mRNA vaccines it should wake up at some specific moment – how properly would it get FUELED to get activated and run on long term – since it is not an organism but a mineral entity ?…

Then I said OK… there it is stipulated that it was bathed into Graphen – the graphen can carry positive nano_charges of electricity? I bet so ; it is graphite and graphite does conduct the electric-charges at a lower level than a metal (though it is not a bad carrier – it can accumulate a charge). I anticipated there from the fact that imposed injections will become popular every 6 months or so. Then these periodic UPDATES could be noticed as the “RE-FUEL” of the parasite. Graphen is reinjected in the body because after 6 months the THING would loose its entire energy from its brain battery and it will need a recharge (same was told in my AMONN Lyrics Cerbera in 2006 “Refills where the field is nuclear”.

In this dystopic paradigm : the HOST is a BETA-TESTER ; the VIRUS was initiated as a strong flu and the vaccine injection is the real experiment starting by MASS injections and progressive. It was fabricated into the LABS of Yuhan as a Final Solution experiment. But did the Chinese know ?

There had been experiment in the past: Manathan Project is one of them and insider of those is always linked to the USA. The corporate firms involved in financing the vaccines strategy implantation also are the American investors ; if not their TAX-payers… Let’s do the aftermath.

But this one seems to be the one OPERATIVE.

The lie there if there is ONE ; is the date and deadline confirming outside of the Medias ; when the VIRUS program really starts: – Once a majority of people get vaccinated ; they communicate the spread amongst others. Will something else be activated and when if so? I watched Schwab interviews and he said that this is a fantastic experience – he looks a fanatic more dangerous than any religious one – I thought – it will transform carriers… he explained. Bodily ? or their concscious loses their FREEWILL to be controled as a CHAOS ? Schwab reminds me of Duran Duran the mad scientist of Roger Vadim’s BARBARELLA ; he has the same strong pathology from Dr. Strangelove

There up we would depict that this THING has a brain. “Another scam?” ; it is its head and it would move articulated by its tentacules to run inside the human plasma ; it reminded me much of ALIEN and the vaccine made me think about PROMETHEUS.

I tell all this to you ;since you offered no resistance and trusted blindly the governances… You take the vaccine to be able to go in a restaurant ; take a plane ; meet as a social group ; work and continue your life as if nothing happened and that there is no other solution. Once you have no more SOLUTION here comes another idea we know already – it is the DEJA VU of THE MATRIX really – thus in this FINAL equation : YEAR ZERO = 22 ; 2022 is the TOTALITARIAN ERA formed by the Social Democratic Globalists Agenda.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD!

D. Veen


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The truth about David Bowie’s “Villa of Ormen” from he legacy Album “Blackstar” is: -Ormus-. It is a Persian word meaning gold or light. Like anything illumination apart from the fact Zoroastrianism was a true mystical path having condemned the Manicheism and Soufism.

In anyways it had linked to what is described now standing at Shangrilla-Dolls World ; the inception sim was a distraction relay to some more deeper details. There was a nice Album from David “Tonight” and the main title “Loving The Alien” was attached to the depictions. Most of what David spoke about is linked to the Temple of London.

Shangrilla-Dolls World “Villa di Vecchi” represents The City.

Here I set the story for Ormus. Most is gnostic and a fantasy as every gnosis had led us to the rational errand we are into now. We cannot trust anymore the politicians ; neither trust the science further more or we would all perish as well all humanity.

The dramatic embankment mirror to London is at Shangrilla-Dolls World: made as one straight path to the stairs pictured in the Album “Heathen” ; leading to a Dantesque Divine Comedie ; one left way to cross the Acheron (lethal and a deepend) ; all ways lead to Rome ; the Villa d’Istria.

We had been so far pretty much blinded by both…

In 1187 Jerusalem was taken over by the Saracens. For some this follows the incompetence of the Grand Master of the Order of the Temple Gérard de Ridefort. But for Sion this defeat would be due to the betrayal of the same Gérard de Ridefort, Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of the Temple. We do not know if the object of this betrayal is verified, we only have the word of Zion? What is certain is that all the members of the Order of Zion hastily left Jerusalem for France, as well as all those of the abbey of Mount Zion. Why ? These events are at the base of the rupture between the order of the Temple and Zion. It was in 1188 that this separation materialized, the Knights of the Temple became autonomous and no longer had any connection with Sion. They will pursue their goal alone until the fateful date of 1307. For the first time Sion will name its first Grand Master Jean de Gisors, and the order will adopt the qualifier that we still know today "the Priory of Sion" It will be added to the qualifier of the order of the Priory of Sion, the word Ormus and this until 1306. The word Ormus is represented by an anagram combining keywords, symbols and numbers, like Ursus in Latin Bear. Can we see Dagobert II there? Elm means gold. To verify this word Ormus it is necessary to refer to Zoroaster, who in his Gnostic texts, describes Ormus by saying that he represented the light. On the other hand in the ancestry claimed by Freemasonry in the 18th century, Ormus would come from a Gnostic follower of Alexandria converted by Saint Mark in 46 AD. He gave birth to a sect in which the principles of Christianity and ancient beliefs mingled. We have no proof of the existence of this Egyptian Ormus so this is all guesswork. Some even go so far as to say that the priory of Sion would have taken as a new diminutive that of "the Order of the Rose Croix Veritas" Again this is not based on anything, because no document attests the existence of the Rosicrucians in 1188. The traces on the order of the Roses Croix do not appear until the 16th century. The rose has always been a symbol known as in Dante's novel of the rose and paradise. The red cross was adopted by the Knights of the temple and by the Order of the Garter (Cross of Saint George). We know that a very large number of Rosicrucian societies existed before the 17th century, Leonardo da Vinci was one of them. 

The priest of Gisors wrote that Jean de Gisors founded the Order of the Rose Croix in 1188, this would confirm the texts of the Priory of Sion. Is it true ? Is there not a will to deceive, to divert, to mislead those who want to know? But can we be truly certain of the separation of the Temple and Zion? Hasn't a bond been perpetuated between them? because Guillaume de Gisors, in 1307, received from the order of the Temple, the golden head Caput LVIIIm, this would try to prove that there were direct links between the Knights Templar and the order of Sion. In addition, during the Templar trial, Guillaume Pidoye, Guillaume de Gisors and Raynier Bourdon were asked to provide everything that had been confiscated from the Temple. Among all these confiscated goods we found the golden head Caput LVIIIm. We can think that Guillaume Pidoye was in the pay of Philippe IV le Bel, and hostile to the Order of the Temple. We suspect Guillaume de Gisors of having played the role of double agent, while having contributed to the protection of certain Templars.

So far so good to read about. When you have Christianity and Pagan beliefs mixed up altogether: – it results in the “gnosis” prophetized by the Gnostics. Indeed ; it isn’t a pure source anymore. It is not much Catholic either… Somehow it is good that you reckon just now what it spoke all about…!

Damien Veen.

New World Order

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NWO is not a conspiracy of herbal complotists.

To define what it is in a factual manner needs to have a huge background. As well as historical ; philosophical and religious.

All starts by the religion in definitive – NWO wants to erase it because if you teach no religious eschatology properly to students – you can then manipulate memory and history. You can then deform the truth ; teach the lie and tell it amongst public so that it gets adopted ; then assimilated as new and valid evidence.

First if you start by Julius Caesar – you can see what is a real dramatic complot. A complot is acting as a stage having taken part in a political assembly bringing up a new doctrine to replace an established political power. Brutus ; son of the Emperor of Roma ; will conspire to establish the complot and kill his father with the help of few senators.

Then you see that : only the ones in power having also the money as an establishement can conspire as they know the paths to elaborate. The good people cannot even do a complot to reverse a power in place as the complot needs an organization and a lot of funds to corrupt at different levels of the administration and succeed in a coup. A tax payer only knows very few indeed and is submitted to the juridiction of his country where he resides. Meaning that those established to manipulate ; know the laws – promulgate them and feel like standing above those same LAWS as they had birthed them they get themselves emancipated through them and enslave the rest of the populations.

That is why we had defined a special rank to stick those of the people who always contest and it was the Anarchism. But in general anarchy is recuperated. Most anarchists do not know that they are manipulated most always by those who will use them as a screen of smoke and be behind the entire conspiracy : they stand abobe and master the puppets.

When the administration is much technical by reason and highly ranked at the point where it becomes a crypto lock-up as a world led into a digital era like we inherited today – it will mean that the NWO is set in place to acheive its goal to get into a replacement of the previous Order such as practicing a new normal. By infiltration and subversion = the normalization. By Order we define how the political system is elaborated to keep the society amalgamate and homogenous (its policy) and that it has a mechanical function at every level to be kept a warrant of : the institutions and have a legitimated executive and legislative power. The more there is a corruption to a country would mean that without it the commands of the executive power do not respond anymore much properly to the head of the State Apparatus. Yet as it happened in USSR (a fall of the state by the Perestroïka and a simulated putsch with Gorbatshov being the hostage) or in many African countries where all end of a political governance : it is led by putshists having economic interests with ancient Colonialist countries and their dominance.

Subvert : is achieved by all that attracts desires to the human soul by nature and that shall pervert this one to the point of no return as a formality (vanities reflect the cranium of Hamlet – claves of Solomon reflect the secrecy of the plan) ; blackmail is then a common tool for the protagonists. It will hit where the flesh is the weakest.

Where the ideas take form and will take act ? Could it be political ideas ? They take an act getting – Manichean – for good or for bad. Those are implanted by the time on a long run to coordonate changes in the social engineered society – but only do a bad for a slight better sometimes a worse. What does in between the sociology, not granting a science that we can define at all but giving statistics as a slight approximation. It will take generations amongst births to transform as a kind of evolution and it would jump generations by the genes as a metaphysical phenomenon marking the individuals. It will maybe take 100, 200 ; 300 or more years to get to the point where there cannot be any return to the previous state of power as it was in the past ordered. It is progressist : Just as we had an age of changes into gold ; brass ; copper ; iron… we get to an age of greed.

  • “Power in that case becomes abusive and totalitarian and to get rid of this one power again to reform a more souple replacement ; will need to call for more acts of violence ; more sacrifices than the way it was ever achieved before.”
    • If part of more of the plan is divulgated before every intermediary administrative bodies ; fiduciary systems ; industries are locked ? then ; – the game of NWO is lost. The 2021 biological warfare attempt made the move yet very weak. GAME OVER features : – Back to the embankment ; the beginning ; a reset of the debt to ZERO ; devaluation ; no payback to Credit Financial Institutions ; reimbursment of most corporate stealings to the initial States. Real Politics = ZERO SUM becomes real backuped national businesses and no more an UTOPIA as the Global Economic liber Exchange could open the Pandora Box that leads to WW3.
    • Albert Pike said : – “If our plan is discovered before it is established and/or divulgated ; all of our efforts would be vain and lost like we were pushed back 3000 years ago…”

Last ; money is the nerve of the war but it is not the finality. The finality is never to get rich and have joys or pleasures for a Grand Master even upon a strategic Chess Board – it is part of it but neverless the aim – if the ones leading a NWO want to set up their plan it is because something more valuable than all monies is a greater standing and ultimate task. The task is Messianic by bringing up Silent Weapons. Tasks are defined in 1954 by the first meeting of BILDERBERGERS. The task of any rich messianist is to help impose a paradigm in the ideal where “the word is no longer taking flesh – but the flesh and human creation is destroyed“. Those weapons did the work during 70 years. A politic strategy is settled to assume serving a project unifying all religions into one where the aim is Promethean. Becoming God as a physical replacement of the metaphysical GOD we prayed for – to explain as a lie that the identity or the place of GOD in the universe is within all human creature “Divine” while none of us men was created with the Divine Spiritual Essence but only human. Human after all is in no way the Humanism… The god of the NWO is a universal GOD. He has no face because it will impose a power of the shadows. A power anonymous like a common LAW. A power held by very few pathologist and megalomaniacs embarked into their Ark of Alliance ; an agreement made of reason and a reject of the moral. Apocryphes always do project the future to get written by our leaders as some gnosticist profund inspiration source and adopted the teaching of Manu claiming he was a Prophet and Messiah. They are a line of conduct established at the letter and instructed point-by-point ; day after day ; year after year… What makes the ultimate goal deeply tribal or profund paganist and also religious having traded for new derivatives.

Below I give to you references like valid annexes. The document as a PDF in question that I have collected since 1995 ; Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

Here how it was found :

Exergue 1

The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986 in an IBM photocopier purchased at a military surplus sale. Negligence or intentional leakage, it seems that this document was in the possession of the secret services of the US Navy. The document, for security reasons, does not bear the signature of the organization from which it originates. But retrievals of information and dates suggest that it could be the Bilderberg Group, a “think tank” that brings together extremely powerful people from the worlds of finance, economics, politics, the military and the secret service. The document presents itself as a “programming manual” of the society, apparently intended for new members of the organization.This document could also have been written by an inspired science fiction author, or by a knowledgeable journalist. True or false, the important thing is that the strategies described here have been very widely applied in the orientations of the economy and society for 30 years, in all Western countries, and with remarkable synchronization. Published as an appendix to the book” Behold, appeared a pale horse ” by William Cooper, Light Technology Publishing, 1991.

Exergue 2

This document represents the doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group during its first known meeting in 1954. The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986,in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.
The following document is taken from two sources. The first, was acquired on a website (of which I can’t remember the address) listing as its source the book titled Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper; Light Technology Publishing, 1991. The second source is a  crudely copied booklet, which does not contain a copyright notice, or a publisher’s name.With the exception of the Forward, the Preface, the main thing that was missing from the first source was the illustrations. As we began comparing the two, we realized that the illustrations, and the accompanying text (also missing from the first) made up a significant part of the document. This has now been restored by The Lawful Path, and so far as I know, is the only internet copy available complete with the illustrations.  
We have no first-hand knowledge that this document is genuine, however many of the concepts contained herein are certainly reasonable, important, and bear strong consideration.

Then the Promise Land we had spoken about is only MATERIAL. No longer a CELESTIAL PROMISE. It has no hope in any RESURRECTION. DEATH is all finality. ETERNITY is a promise of TRANSHUMANISM for the few RULERS who imposed the NWO. It shall be the end of humanity as we had known in the past.

Thus the NWO is inherited from many genocides it stakes as seen with Nuremberg Trial. It is also a child of the Operation Paper Clip and of the Manhattan Project : – might there be other Nurembergs taking place in this future ; could they be insiders of the Republic ; the Colonialism ; the Social Democracy ; the Humanism ; the National Socialism… and now the science with the help of the new technologies. It is made a cast insider of : the technocracy. Moreover the destiny of Europe depends now of the directives taken by the United States of America – both destinies always had been synchronized by the dependencies of the capital; What happens in USA will be the follow-up in Europe.

Remember that history one way or another will always repeat itself ; whatever the product you buy again ; it is just the same package that is presented to us ; with another sticker that had changed. It has been removed to swallow a bitter pill.

You can find all you need about NWO ; as NIN depicted non-sensically something nationalist being a repression ; unfortunately the rules of the democracy had changed since 10 years and they are now reversed against the “small bourgeoisie”, intermediary class and the proletariat. Reason why the world seems out of a chaos made of such an abnormality. The intent was that the bigtechs and mega-medias helped much to complete in this edification (control the information ; control of the civilians ; control of travellers ; control of fiduciary flux and ballots of moneys transferts ; confinements). Might it be here their last move before the Revelation… and it will be the end. The Twilight of the Gods.

Everything comes to an end… it is only the beginning : – with this ; the 4th of June 2021 Nine inch Nails Year Zero remixes : named after V3RSUS by AMONN is now proposed at BANDCAMP as an integral edition – I had to work a lot for it to happen.

You can find it here : https://amonn.bandcamp.com/album/ninmix-versus

You buy or you buy not – not much an importance that would matter to me.. For me it is also the end of something i had a belief in – so it is a relief ; the adventure was all an epoch – some decades of musics that might not put a very large print as a valid art into the sands in history (especially the 90’s) because too much marketed ; too much recycling and propagated… just because it was only hiped but not so much substantial and few valuable – on another hand like Hollywood getting less supported by financements of the production – the reason is that Hollywood had been far too much investigated these last years – though NETFLIX and AMAZON took the market ; the star system was too much trolled (Pizzagates ; Pop-Corn ; Weinstein & Epstein ; Bill Gates ; Mark Zuckerberg) to take part in a fatal debunk of the NWO. The public had lost a confidence in the legend. Democrates had been the architects of all this since a very long time they had created the events but before they could hide inside the Republicain Party in the United States of America and act as submarines no longer Patriots but kind of Apatrids – as well Joe Biden payed by the CCP to sell his country to the more offering (althrough this Architect Eye) – it is that profit became more important than the ethics. A bit more than a full century to get there and here we are : it is what I had witnessed during all of my life resident of the XXth century – “all things must pass” and might lead us back now to what was the essential. This is the REAL LIFE.

  • Damien Veen

You can read this : A. Ralph Epperson – The New World Order. Once you read it ; you will be more informed than anyone else you know around.


The promise land of “God Given”…

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To continue the chapter with Nine Inch Nail Tribute remixes VERSUS towards Year Zero I must speak of some curiosity that is an awesome factual observation.

I had interest for the Arab World as I worked in rich arab countries 3 years. In 2003 I was employed as a freelancer consultant for the Emirates ; I did media and marketing and after that I was involved in a cabinet of Architectures and Design. I was living in Sharjah on week-end I pushed to Al Ain ; Ajman and further as Oman frontier and I looked at how the people cared for their families. It was amazing of involvement and care for kids ; parents. Though it was a rich country – it is a same patriachy in North Africa ; money or not providing – the rule in a muslim family is to protect ; you never are invited as a stranger in a home – always meet outside or in the majlis. The kids play in Thursday (like a Sunday in Europe) and the family seats altogether around the “lake” or at the beach ; they swim play with kids seat on towels large; The elders are dressed with a great standing – the family is precious and honorable. All we had lost since Woodstock brainwashing and sexual liberation in the end of the 60’s with a loss of modern paternity also – parents are divorced ; it is profitable for Lawyers and Fathers go from one bed to an other like “rats” in an orgiac or biologic procreation ; leaving behind them psychological ruins and zero-empathy. A tragedy that could be discussed by some sociologist and that I won’t develop here.

Then I watched what happened in Lybia for economic reasons ; Lybia was set a future project for all contractors to become a touristic area ; we spoke of it in Architecture profession – a grand development of the region and contracts already signed – then war happened (not hazardous) because the priority was to ruin the country so it couldn’t emerge as an economic solidification in the middle-east. U.S. policy has damaged and ruined all a construction pacific and of great opportunities in matter of contracts – destroying any economic possibilities over all the middle-east – precisely the Lybian coast. We would ask ourself who was behind it ? So many victims. You must understand at the epoch the position of Israël was proheminant and well supported by an hegemonic plan in the middle-east ; much supported by the American diplomacy – I bet not a conspiracy? – but the way Hussein and Kadhafi had been killed – would let think other ways – did you ask yourself yet ? Impossible to pass from a dictatorship direct into a democratic state ; not an utopia – but a complete strategic errand ; volunteer. Not a misundersatding ; but crimes against humanity. As u see all those bombs dropped upon citizens and agression implicating the support of a directed public media. A mess. This entire world at loss and a profit – here the deciept- a hell on Earth.

So I said to myself ; ok look now they fabricated refugees but the historical about them wanting to leave looks rather strange. Leave by paying their ticket to a promise land ?… Even in a destroyed and bombed country ; muslims are attached to the soil. They never would leave their homes. Leave a wounded or sick parent – Noway ; it is not the mentality my friend… A sense of patriotism ? More than this they are profond beleivers in God and land – they have a precise sense of their cult. Then in videos ; in articles about migrant was said that they were dressed with decent clothes ; had mobile cell phones pre-paid and sometimes that they invaded us. In Germany ? many rapes ; more violence in all EU Zone.

Where these people coming from Lybia or Africa ? What was the scenario there. Then few days ago a friend sent me a video of a migration from FRONTEX and this is how it looks all about. At the start I said ok Trent Reznor has such a great subject about poor fellows – he might be a “good guy haha”. For these poor people trying to escape paying a ticket getting hurt and starving – no clue ? But when I had watched at the video taken by Italian Coast Guards again and in a great detail (no deepfake ; it is all official) taken by their services Drone ; I said there is a problem in the scenario that NIN wanted us to swallow with the song God Given. You will watch for yourself – I give the descriptive : “Migrants” or “Volunteers” are embarked on a spacious navette-fishing-boat where a small embarkation is attached to. They will stop in plain sea and debark the passengers onto a more light cruiser. They seat like nominative into the rescue boat – white and small with a motor. Once they are all seated in gilet-safety I see no attack! Sea is at calm ; do you see a migrant catching a floating wood getting drowned? – not a windpower Force 6… no… the day is lighty and truly chosen for a rescue-act.Then it really seems obvious we cannot hear a bombardement in plain sea – there is no sound there :). The boat leaving goes back at port ; or he goes by fishing maybe… No. it simply returns at the base and wil straight call the NGO’s Cargo-carrier by phone to tell the map position of our seating guys by GPS – Once done ; the carrier of George Soros is ready to acoast the poor passengers having drifted for weeks with no food and water! During the trip calling parents on their freshly recharged mobile phone ; they could see yet the promised landNothing is wrong in the original scenario ? Look for yourself… : GOD GIVEN has a great charity!…

“The Great Destroyer”

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From many things holding a great superstition are the stences of Nostradamus Quatrains. Ignoring the story behind Notradamus – most people do believe in those predictions as they provide a grand merchandizing. They are useful like the German story of Hansel und Gretel told to children to go sleep early. Most used by New Age groups they can act in manipulating consciences. Issue from a bad interpretation of the Apocalypse after Saint-John – Michel de Notresdame was used and reused to make him say the worse abominations as a prediction of the future ; a contemporary recuperation of the medias & publications. Aclaimed by most modernist Orders ; this form of nihilism is a great recourse to keep people in fear and apathic. Also a commercial factor that after 2012th the world continues to turn but Nostradamus is extended to more years than he could even have envisioned.

As the future gets less secure by the time and less predictable ; some way normal for people having no longer a spiritual life to search an alternative refuge in all ways losing : loss of sense ; prefabrications and synthetic arguments.

Another possession and a control that is theurgical. All starts with the split of the Templar Order whose scatterings had assemblated again the first settlement – The Temple of Zion processed to order the first Chevalerie. From the same womb that bore the Templars came the Order of Sion (or Zion). This order hailed from the same Templar cities of Burgundy and Champagne. Undoubtedly, its heads were the same coterie of secret Chaldeans, Jews, and Kabalists who had accompanied Godfroi and Baldwin to Jerusalem and guided their hands there. The elite members of the Order of Sion are believed to own over 10,000 castles in France alone. The birth of the Templar Order, which Knights were known as Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonis (“Poor companions of arms of Christ and of the temple of Salomon”), better known as Knights Templar or simply Templars, were the best combat units trained and disciplined of their own time, precursors of modern special bodies or elite units, their origin is placed in the Holy Land around 1118-1119.

Putting thus this historical in its context ; after the Templars had been prosecuted by King of France Philip le Bel ; some Templars are rescued in England and will integrate later what formed the Blue Lodges, some will escape to Prussia and later form the Illuminatis of Bavaria. The Temple will survive the flood by resurrecting from its ashes always – reason why Alchemicaly the Phoenix is commonly represented.

Once the Templar order had been exposed and dismantled – the previous order of Sion will perpetuated by coming back to the roots. It had originaly been founded by Jean de Gisors (1133–1220). He was a Norman lord of the fortress of Gisors in Normandy, where meetings were traditionally convened between English and French kings. It was here, in 1188, a squabble occurred that involved the cutting of an elm.

The squabble occured to split the Chevalerie in 2 parts and the myth indicated that the groups were held separately ; giving birth later to the Priory of Sion an initiatory order of chivalry. The admission of a new Member to the Priory of Sion is initially made after a preselection phase, called a novitiate. It is not possible to be admitted to the Priory of Sion without having first attended the “Cercle Sigebert IV”.

Teutonic Order would claim that Merovech is a direct lineage of Christ and the decent from Maria-Magdalena. Maria Magdalena is the 13th disciple and accoutant-treasurer of the Apostles ; something shown by Da Vinci in the Last Supper. She leaves Judea for Europe and lands in Marseille – some would maintain that she was pregnant. She is accompanied of André and Jacques. André will evangelize Greece and Jacques will evangelize Russia ; both an Orthodoxy.

Then the Order claims to be Rosicrucian early. Which mean it is a perpetuation of the initial Gnosis. Gnostics had perpetuated in the schism after the Arianism was condemned by the Council of Nicea. What we can define as Principia Discordia. Boyle was a Rosicrucian. Charles De Loraine (1746-1780) also became the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights in 1761, a Germanic version of the Knights Templar and Hospitallers. Charles’s brother, Francois Lorraine, married an Austrian princess, Maria Theresa, and later married Maria Theresa’s sister Maria Anne, both Hapsburgs.

A longer list of Grand Masters – had been collected since the Order or what was left to resurrect of the myth was perpetuated as the Prieury of Sion. Michelangelo ; Leonardo Da Vinci ; Nicolas Flamel ; Nostradamus – would have been secret Grand Masters. A scolarship of reason led them to study Magic ; Ocultism ; Astrology of the Zodiac ; Alchemistry and other sciences. The rebirth of the Prieuré de Sion after them ; remains a legend.

The “Great Destroyer” confusion comes from the Comet of Bethleem illuminating that night ; seen so bright ; a so long time and so shiny that it was lightening all the way. It shouldn’t have been Venus seen in the skies on the day Jesus-Christ was birthed but a prophetic annunciation. That day the great destroyer was a clusterer of ancient beliefs and pagans. When the Three Magi came to visit the child of Maria. That day they bring gifts as a symbol of grace. Any magic they featured and their predictions will come to an end. The Messiah is born and from that day – the prophecy is acheived. The Chaldean practionners and other Babylonian charlatans would reatreat their superstitions to a closet out of the Temple ; lock the doorway as a providential Miracle had happened.

Damien Veen

The Red Pill was Communist…

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No correct deconstruction without any factual socialism! I have here to give you the example ; because finally : it ressembles to “The Great Destroyer”. Our epoch is much perverted ; a full throwttled corruption designed to be extinguished like these old dinosaures.

Few weeks ago I watched a film that you can still find on INTERNET ARCHIVES named : “Europa ; The Last Battlle”. It has a singular emotional testimony from old Russian people having witnessed a life Communist in USSR during Stalin epoch – national post Bolshevik Revolution. I won’t make here a long discourse – just to say music became sad with its many Jockers and bootleggers… The music is politicized rotten to the bone and no more a noble art ; it shouldn’t be a tool made to promote any form of resistance. You want to resist the Space Invaders ? Do politics or get a sense of the sacrificial – get a gun ; load it and discharge. The media transformed art like a packet of soap to be promoted at a bargain by fools and people with no talent at all. They make fortunes upon the back of kids and control the education.

Get in where marxist-socialism had led us and with it the follow up pandemic brought to you forced in as a neo-marxist installation of survey agendas ; engineerings and post-controlled societies – socialism is the virus for any Zombie IQ brainwashed at a year zero ground level by any source media: the beginning of this plannification> 2022. Consume your shit to hit the point of getting yourself humiliated and crawling ; burnt entirely by these technocratic Elitists from a future digital era: the renewed totalitarianism. You’d learn to get Nailed with it: the end of humanity.

Control of healthcare is the most important tool to control fear of people and rule by chaos. It is explained clearly by Saul Alinsky. After this ; comes a second post control and it is the creation of mass poverty made to emulate a redondant mediatic propanganda getting the misery in exergue. Exactly what had promoted the NGO’s.

What is the most important tool in politics- is the control of the public opinion and once this opinion has no counter-defence – there can be settled a lock-up of the information with no dissidence. The body and the mind do become a prison. Concentration camps are located from a mapping all along the transiberian USSR railways – one of this camp in wild nature is a Hunter’s Game. New prisoners are thrown into a natural space where other prisoners turned as cannibals. To survive they will hunt ; kill each another and eat the flesh from the newcomers. Here the communist SURVIVALISM recreated in the Russian Video-shooting-game METROPOLIS. Your Nine Inch Nails depiction of tribalism will be correctly resolved. I had made good efforts to dismantle it. This is the title I have remixed named The Greater Good (Tryon Remix). Read all these precepts from the doctrine below :


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Before I introduce Nine Inch Nails physical material a deconstruction of Year Zero = 2022 ; we can describe the FREEWILL.

The freewill is what you have left when you are able to chose one way or the other. For this the freewill distinguishes a freedom not always driven by action but before any action a conscious decision giving the idea to act.

Idea to act deals with the concept we birth to assemblate a sentence from words and express ourself and in same time understand the world surrounding. The logoreah ; the greek LOGOS.

If the world surrounding doesn’t make any more a sense : our ideal moralist having itself been build-up from an overall correct education and this world doesnt fit anymore with the idea we had from it in – “how much the world should reflect an emanation of beauty and perfection or qualities” – it would mean that the outside is no longer natural by law and is alienated itself and not anymore in harmony with the individual : not a representation of God and ourself in a good sense we know.

The individual then is still standing while the world outside is getting chaotic.

What is then left in that case ?

If the world turned chaos ; it would mean that what missed was the individual spirituality. There is no compromise with outside elements of the world in action as the conscience reveals itself inactive towards a chaotic world. On contrary – then the conscience can reconnect itself alway and in any situation with the spiritiality as an ascent.

For this the freewill dealt in a choice to make a difference with bad or good – and it had created this chaos we know actual where intensity of pain will forward to demonstrate that the bad is omnipresent. Chaos doesnt come generated out of nothing. It succeeds a series of events determined and ungod. The good would then be found on the other side when good and bad are not known from their fruit like a new beginning where the gnosis didn’t birth from a bad fruit and wasn’t the end. Where maybe it is way possible to know by simply addressing without having to get entirely spoiled from the manicheism. Into light spoke also Zaratustra.

This freewill might overcome to some ; those had made a reseach their own adopting the inner prayer speaking it correctly by words outside of them.

It is Metaphysical and has nothing anymore to do with nature ; with an outside chaos – nor with a determination getting into activism ; shown into acts or violence – non of that.

Outside of this alienation ; it might belong as a certainty in loving something bright ; warm and fresh ; renewed always like a source in same time – warm at heart ; even being alone and having thoughts for others distant or solitary ; a thought for the ones already departed yet in a desire to meet again for example ; something secret and loving – some acceptation for there is down here not a fatality but a proof of life. Proof of life is real humanity.

There is no fatality as described by Voltaire or the centuries of lights ; there is only truth to reveal and adore with a grace.

That is why I had deconstructed Nine Inch Nails – to help Trent Reznor to be wiser and see what was God Given. Not to help servicing an ideal capitalist turning high as a blind socialism. Show that his path was wrong is a task for someone skilled ; and that there could always be a manner to get better/perfected without the inconveniences. Just be human. He just forgot what was essential : – by freewill. Freewill would fail with the reason and absolutism becoming a tyranny of a few. Dreams of reason as his ; produce monsters. The metaphysic will project us soon to know better others and to see with a good sense the truth and that the world is led Godly.

You have choice now – these times had come…

Damien Veen