New World Order

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NWO is not a conspiracy of herbal complotists.

To define what it is in a factual manner needs to have a huge background. As well as historical ; philosophical and religious.

All starts by the religion in definitive – NWO wants to erase it because if you teach no religious eschatology properly to students – you can then manipulate memory and history. You can then deform the truth ; teach the lie and tell it amongst public so that it gets adopted ; then assimilated as new and valid evidence.

First if you start by Julius Caesar – you can see what is a real dramatic complot. A complot is acting as a stage having taken part in a political assembly bringing up a new doctrine to replace an established political power. Brutus ; son of the Emperor of Roma ; will conspire to establish the complot and kill his father with the help of few senators.

Then you see that : only the ones in power having also the money as an establishement can conspire as they know the paths to elaborate. The good people cannot even do a complot to reverse a power in place as the complot needs an organization and a lot of funds to corrupt at different levels of the administration and succeed in a coup. A tax payer only knows very few indeed and is submitted to the juridiction of his country where he resides. Meaning that those established to manipulate ; know the laws – promulgate them and feel like standing above those same LAWS as they had birthed them they get themselves emancipated through them and enslave the rest of the populations.

That is why we had defined a special rank to stick those of the people who always contest and it was the Anarchism. But in general anarchy is recuperated. Most anarchists do not know that they are manipulated most always by those who will use them as a screen of smoke and be behind the entire conspiracy : they stand abobe and master the puppets.

When the administration is much technical by reason and highly ranked at the point where it becomes a crypto lock-up as a world led into a digital era like we inherited today – it will mean that the NWO is set in place to acheive its goal to get into a replacement of the previous Order such as practicing a new normal. By infiltration and subversion = the normalization. By Order we define how the political system is elaborated to keep the society amalgamate and homogenous (its policy) and that it has a mechanical function at every level to be kept a warrant of : the institutions and have a legitimated executive and legislative power. The more there is a corruption to a country would mean that without it the commands of the executive power do not respond anymore much properly to the head of the State Apparatus. Yet as it happened in USSR (a fall of the state by the Perestroïka and a simulated putsch with Gorbatshov being the hostage) or in many African countries where all end of a political governance : it is led by putshists having economic interests with ancient Colonialist countries and their dominance.

Subvert : is achieved by all that attracts desires to the human soul by nature and that shall pervert this one to the point of no return as a formality (vanities reflect the cranium of Hamlet – claves of Solomon reflect the secrecy of the plan) ; blackmail is then a common tool for the protagonists. It will hit where the flesh is the weakest.

Where the ideas take form and will take act ? Could it be political ideas ? They take an act getting – Manichean – for good or for bad. Those are implanted by the time on a long run to coordonate changes in the social engineered society – but only do a bad for a slight better sometimes a worse. What does in between the sociology, not granting a science that we can define at all but giving statistics as a slight approximation. It will take generations amongst births to transform as a kind of evolution and it would jump generations by the genes as a metaphysical phenomenon marking the individuals. It will maybe take 100, 200 ; 300 or more years to get to the point where there cannot be any return to the previous state of power as it was in the past ordered. It is progressist : Just as we had an age of changes into gold ; brass ; copper ; iron… we get to an age of greed.

  • “Power in that case becomes abusive and totalitarian and to get rid of this one power again to reform a more souple replacement ; will need to call for more acts of violence ; more sacrifices than the way it was ever achieved before.”
    • If part of more of the plan is divulgated before every intermediary administrative bodies ; fiduciary systems ; industries are locked ? then ; – the game of NWO is lost. The 2021 biological warfare attempt made the move yet very weak. GAME OVER features : – Back to the embankment ; the beginning ; a reset of the debt to ZERO ; devaluation ; no payback to Credit Financial Institutions ; reimbursment of most corporate stealings to the initial States. Real Politics = ZERO SUM becomes real backuped national businesses and no more an UTOPIA as the Global Economic liber Exchange could open the Pandora Box that leads to WW3.
    • Albert Pike said : – “If our plan is discovered before it is established and/or divulgated ; all of our efforts would be vain and lost like we were pushed back 3000 years ago…”

Last ; money is the nerve of the war but it is not the finality. The finality is never to get rich and have joys or pleasures for a Grand Master even upon a strategic Chess Board – it is part of it but neverless the aim – if the ones leading a NWO want to set up their plan it is because something more valuable than all monies is a greater standing and ultimate task. The task is Messianic by bringing up Silent Weapons. Tasks are defined in 1954 by the first meeting of BILDERBERGERS. The task of any rich messianist is to help impose a paradigm in the ideal where “the word is no longer taking flesh – but the flesh and human creation is destroyed“. Those weapons did the work during 70 years. A politic strategy is settled to assume serving a project unifying all religions into one where the aim is Promethean. Becoming God as a physical replacement of the metaphysical GOD we prayed for – to explain as a lie that the identity or the place of GOD in the universe is within all human creature “Divine” while none of us men was created with the Divine Spiritual Essence but only human. Human after all is in no way the Humanism… The god of the NWO is a universal GOD. He has no face because it will impose a power of the shadows. A power anonymous like a common LAW. A power held by very few pathologist and megalomaniacs embarked into their Ark of Alliance ; an agreement made of reason and a reject of the moral. Apocryphes always do project the future to get written by our leaders as some gnosticist profund inspiration source and adopted the teaching of Manu claiming he was a Prophet and Messiah. They are a line of conduct established at the letter and instructed point-by-point ; day after day ; year after year… What makes the ultimate goal deeply tribal or profund paganist and also religious having traded for new derivatives.

Below I give to you references like valid annexes. The document as a PDF in question that I have collected since 1995 ; Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

Here how it was found :

Exergue 1

The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986 in an IBM photocopier purchased at a military surplus sale. Negligence or intentional leakage, it seems that this document was in the possession of the secret services of the US Navy. The document, for security reasons, does not bear the signature of the organization from which it originates. But retrievals of information and dates suggest that it could be the Bilderberg Group, a “think tank” that brings together extremely powerful people from the worlds of finance, economics, politics, the military and the secret service. The document presents itself as a “programming manual” of the society, apparently intended for new members of the organization.This document could also have been written by an inspired science fiction author, or by a knowledgeable journalist. True or false, the important thing is that the strategies described here have been very widely applied in the orientations of the economy and society for 30 years, in all Western countries, and with remarkable synchronization. Published as an appendix to the book” Behold, appeared a pale horse ” by William Cooper, Light Technology Publishing, 1991.

Exergue 2

This document represents the doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group during its first known meeting in 1954. The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986,in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.
The following document is taken from two sources. The first, was acquired on a website (of which I can’t remember the address) listing as its source the book titled Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper; Light Technology Publishing, 1991. The second source is a  crudely copied booklet, which does not contain a copyright notice, or a publisher’s name.With the exception of the Forward, the Preface, the main thing that was missing from the first source was the illustrations. As we began comparing the two, we realized that the illustrations, and the accompanying text (also missing from the first) made up a significant part of the document. This has now been restored by The Lawful Path, and so far as I know, is the only internet copy available complete with the illustrations.  
We have no first-hand knowledge that this document is genuine, however many of the concepts contained herein are certainly reasonable, important, and bear strong consideration.

Then the Promise Land we had spoken about is only MATERIAL. No longer a CELESTIAL PROMISE. It has no hope in any RESURRECTION. DEATH is all finality. ETERNITY is a promise of TRANSHUMANISM for the few RULERS who imposed the NWO. It shall be the end of humanity as we had known in the past.

Thus the NWO is inherited from many genocides it stakes as seen with Nuremberg Trial. It is also a child of the Operation Paper Clip and of the Manhattan Project : – might there be other Nurembergs taking place in this future ; could they be insiders of the Republic ; the Colonialism ; the Social Democracy ; the Humanism ; the National Socialism… and now the science with the help of the new technologies. It is made a cast insider of : the technocracy. Moreover the destiny of Europe depends now of the directives taken by the United States of America – both destinies always had been synchronized by the dependencies of the capital; What happens in USA will be the follow-up in Europe.

Remember that history one way or another will always repeat itself ; whatever the product you buy again ; it is just the same package that is presented to us ; with another sticker that had changed. It has been removed to swallow a bitter pill.

You can find all you need about NWO ; as NIN depicted non-sensically something nationalist being a repression ; unfortunately the rules of the democracy had changed since 10 years and they are now reversed against the “small bourgeoisie”, intermediary class and the proletariat. Reason why the world seems out of a chaos made of such an abnormality. The intent was that the bigtechs and mega-medias helped much to complete in this edification (control the information ; control of the civilians ; control of travellers ; control of fiduciary flux and ballots of moneys transferts ; confinements). Might it be here their last move before the Revelation… and it will be the end. The Twilight of the Gods.

Everything comes to an end… it is only the beginning : – with this ; the 4th of June 2021 Nine inch Nails Year Zero remixes : named after V3RSUS by AMONN is now proposed at BANDCAMP as an integral edition – I had to work a lot for it to happen.

You can find it here :

You buy or you buy not – not much an importance that would matter to me.. For me it is also the end of something i had a belief in – so it is a relief ; the adventure was all an epoch – some decades of musics that might not put a very large print as a valid art into the sands in history (especially the 90’s) because too much marketed ; too much recycling and propagated… just because it was only hiped but not so much substantial and few valuable – on another hand like Hollywood getting less supported by financements of the production – the reason is that Hollywood had been far too much investigated these last years – though NETFLIX and AMAZON took the market ; the star system was too much trolled (Pizzagates ; Pop-Corn ; Weinstein & Epstein ; Bill Gates ; Mark Zuckerberg) to take part in a fatal debunk of the NWO. The public had lost a confidence in the legend. Democrates had been the architects of all this since a very long time they had created the events but before they could hide inside the Republicain Party in the United States of America and act as submarines no longer Patriots but kind of Apatrids – as well Joe Biden payed by the CCP to sell his country to the more offering (althrough this Architect Eye) – it is that profit became more important than the ethics. A bit more than a full century to get there and here we are : it is what I had witnessed during all of my life resident of the XXth century – “all things must pass” and might lead us back now to what was the essential. This is the REAL LIFE.

  • Damien Veen

You can read this : A. Ralph Epperson – The New World Order. Once you read it ; you will be more informed than anyone else you know around.

The promise land of “God Given”…

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To continue the chapter with Nine Inch Nail Tribute remixes VERSUS towards Year Zero I must speak of some curiosity that is an awesome factual observation.

I had interest for the Arab World as I worked in rich arab countries 3 years. In 2003 I was employed as a freelancer consultant for the Emirates ; I did media and marketing and after that I was involved in a cabinet of Architectures and Design. I was living in Sharjah on week-end I pushed to Al Ain ; Ajman and further as Oman frontier and I looked at how the people cared for their families. It was amazing of involvement and care for kids ; parents. Though it was a rich country – it is a same patriachy in North Africa ; money or not providing – the rule in a muslim family is to protect ; you never are invited as a stranger in a home – always meet outside or in the majlis. The kids play in Thursday (like a Sunday in Europe) and the family seats altogether around the “lake” or at the beach ; they swim play with kids seat on towels large; The elders are dressed with a great standing – the family is precious and honorable. All we had lost since Woodstock brainwashing and sexual liberation in the end of the 60’s with a loss of modern paternity also – parents are divorced ; it is profitable for Lawyers and Fathers go from one bed to an other like “rats” in an orgiac or biologic procreation ; leaving behind them psychological ruins and zero-empathy. A tragedy that could be discussed by some sociologist and that I won’t develop here.

Then I watched what happened in Lybia for economic reasons ; Lybia was set a future project for all contractors to become a touristic area ; we spoke of it in Architecture profession – a grand development of the region and contracts already signed – then war happened (not hazardous) because the priority was to ruin the country so it couldn’t emerge as an economic solidification in the middle-east. U.S. policy has damaged and ruined all a construction pacific and of great opportunities in matter of contracts – destroying any economic possibilities over all the middle-east – precisely the Lybian coast. We would ask ourself who was behind it ? So many victims. You must understand at the epoch the position of Israël was proheminant and well supported by an hegemonic plan in the middle-east ; much supported by the American diplomacy – I bet not a conspiracy? – but the way Hussein and Kadhafi had been killed – would let think other ways – did you ask yourself yet ? Impossible to pass from a dictatorship direct into a democratic state ; not an utopia – but a complete strategic errand ; volunteer. Not a misundersatding ; but crimes against humanity. As u see all those bombs dropped upon citizens and agression implicating the support of a directed public media. A mess. This entire world at loss and a profit – here the deciept- a hell on Earth.

So I said to myself ; ok look now they fabricated refugees but the historical about them wanting to leave looks rather strange. Leave by paying their ticket to a promise land ?… Even in a destroyed and bombed country ; muslims are attached to the soil. They never would leave their homes. Leave a wounded or sick parent – Noway ; it is not the mentality my friend… A sense of patriotism ? More than this they are profond beleivers in God and land – they have a precise sense of their cult. Then in videos ; in articles about migrant was said that they were dressed with decent clothes ; had mobile cell phones pre-paid and sometimes that they invaded us. In Germany ? many rapes ; more violence in all EU Zone.

Where these people coming from Lybia or Africa ? What was the scenario there. Then few days ago a friend sent me a video of a migration from FRONTEX and this is how it looks all about. At the start I said ok Trent Reznor has such a great subject about poor fellows – he might be a “good guy haha”. For these poor people trying to escape paying a ticket getting hurt and starving – no clue ? But when I had watched at the video taken by Italian Coast Guards again and in a great detail (no deepfake ; it is all official) taken by their services Drone ; I said there is a problem in the scenario that NIN wanted us to swallow with the song God Given. You will watch for yourself – I give the descriptive : “Migrants” or “Volunteers” are embarked on a spacious navette-fishing-boat where a small embarkation is attached to. They will stop in plain sea and debark the passengers onto a more light cruiser. They seat like nominative into the rescue boat – white and small with a motor. Once they are all seated in gilet-safety I see no attack! Sea is at calm ; do you see a migrant catching a floating wood getting drowned? – not a windpower Force 6… no… the day is lighty and truly chosen for a rescue-act.Then it really seems obvious we cannot hear a bombardement in plain sea – there is no sound there :). The boat leaving goes back at port ; or he goes by fishing maybe… No. it simply returns at the base and wil straight call the NGO’s Cargo-carrier by phone to tell the map position of our seating guys by GPS – Once done ; the carrier of George Soros is ready to acoast the poor passengers having drifted for weeks with no food and water! During the trip calling parents on their freshly recharged mobile phone ; they could see yet the promised landNothing is wrong in the original scenario ? Look for yourself… : GOD GIVEN has a great charity!…

“The Great Destroyer”

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From many things holding a great superstition are the stences of Nostradamus Quatrains. Ignoring the story behind Notradamus – most people do believe in those predictions as they provide a grand merchandizing. They are useful like the German story of Hansel und Gretel told to children to go sleep early. Most used by New Age groups they can act in manipulating consciences. Issue from a bad interpretation of the Apocalypse after Saint-John – Michel de Notresdame was used and reused to make him say the worse abominations as a prediction of the future ; a contemporary recuperation of the medias & publications. Aclaimed by most modernist Orders ; this form of nihilism is a great recourse to keep people in fear and apathic. Also a commercial factor that after 2012th the world continues to turn but Nostradamus is extended to more years than he could even have envisioned.

As the future gets less secure by the time and less predictable ; some way normal for people having no longer a spiritual life to search an alternative refuge in all ways losing : loss of sense ; prefabrications and synthetic arguments.

Another possession and a control that is theurgical. All starts with the split of the Templar Order whose scatterings had assemblated again the first settlement – The Temple of Zion processed to order the first Chevalerie. From the same womb that bore the Templars came the Order of Sion (or Zion). This order hailed from the same Templar cities of Burgundy and Champagne. Undoubtedly, its heads were the same coterie of secret Chaldeans, Jews, and Kabalists who had accompanied Godfroi and Baldwin to Jerusalem and guided their hands there. The elite members of the Order of Sion are believed to own over 10,000 castles in France alone. The birth of the Templar Order, which Knights were known as Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonis (“Poor companions of arms of Christ and of the temple of Salomon”), better known as Knights Templar or simply Templars, were the best combat units trained and disciplined of their own time, precursors of modern special bodies or elite units, their origin is placed in the Holy Land around 1118-1119.

Putting thus this historical in its context ; after the Templars had been prosecuted by King of France Philip le Bel ; some Templars are rescued in England and will integrate later what formed the Blue Lodges, some will escape to Prussia and later form the Illuminatis of Bavaria. The Temple will survive the flood by resurrecting from its ashes always – reason why Alchemicaly the Phoenix is commonly represented.

Once the Templar order had been exposed and dismantled – the previous order of Sion will perpetuated by coming back to the roots. It had originaly been founded by Jean de Gisors (1133–1220). He was a Norman lord of the fortress of Gisors in Normandy, where meetings were traditionally convened between English and French kings. It was here, in 1188, a squabble occurred that involved the cutting of an elm.

The squabble occured to split the Chevalerie in 2 parts and the myth indicated that the groups were held separately ; giving birth later to the Priory of Sion an initiatory order of chivalry. The admission of a new Member to the Priory of Sion is initially made after a preselection phase, called a novitiate. It is not possible to be admitted to the Priory of Sion without having first attended the “Cercle Sigebert IV”.

Teutonic Order would claim that Merovech is a direct lineage of Christ and the decent from Maria-Magdalena. Maria Magdalena is the 13th disciple and accoutant-treasurer of the Apostles ; something shown by Da Vinci in the Last Supper. She leaves Judea for Europe and lands in Marseille – some would maintain that she was pregnant. She is accompanied of André and Jacques. André will evangelize Greece and Jacques will evangelize Russia ; both an Orthodoxy.

Then the Order claims to be Rosicrucian early. Which mean it is a perpetuation of the initial Gnosis. Gnostics had perpetuated in the schism after the Arianism was condemned by the Council of Nicea. What we can define as Principia Discordia. Boyle was a Rosicrucian. Charles De Loraine (1746-1780) also became the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights in 1761, a Germanic version of the Knights Templar and Hospitallers. Charles’s brother, Francois Lorraine, married an Austrian princess, Maria Theresa, and later married Maria Theresa’s sister Maria Anne, both Hapsburgs.

A longer list of Grand Masters – had been collected since the Order or what was left to resurrect of the myth was perpetuated as the Prieury of Sion. Michelangelo ; Leonardo Da Vinci ; Nicolas Flamel ; Nostradamus – would have been secret Grand Masters. A scolarship of reason led them to study Magic ; Ocultism ; Astrology of the Zodiac ; Alchemistry and other sciences. The rebirth of the Prieuré de Sion after them ; remains a legend.

The “Great Destroyer” confusion comes from the Comet of Bethleem illuminating that night ; seen so bright ; a so long time and so shiny that it was lightening all the way. It shouldn’t have been Venus seen in the skies on the day Jesus-Christ was birthed but a prophetic annunciation. That day the great destroyer was a clusterer of ancient beliefs and pagans. When the Three Magi came to visit the child of Maria. That day they bring gifts as a symbol of grace. Any magic they featured and their predictions will come to an end. The Messiah is born and from that day – the prophecy is acheived. The Chaldean practionners and other Babylonian charlatans would reatreat their superstitions to a closet out of the Temple ; lock the doorway as a providential Miracle had happened.

Damien Veen

The Red Pill was Communist…

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No correct deconstruction without any factual socialism! I have here to give you the example ; because finally : it ressembles to “The Great Destroyer”. Our epoch is much perverted ; a full throwttled corruption designed to be extinguished like these old dinosaures.

Few weeks ago I watched a film that you can still find on INTERNET ARCHIVES named : “Europa ; The Last Battlle”. It has a singular emotional testimony from old Russian people having witnessed a life Communist in USSR during Stalin epoch – national post Bolshevik Revolution. I won’t make here a long discourse – just to say music became sad with its many Jockers and bootleggers… The music is politicized rotten to the bone and no more a noble art ; it shouldn’t be a tool made to promote any form of resistance. You want to resist the Space Invaders ? Do politics or get a sense of the sacrificial – get a gun ; load it and discharge. The media transformed art like a packet of soap to be promoted at a bargain by fools and people with no talent at all. They make fortunes upon the back of kids and control the education.

Get in where marxist-socialism had led us and with it the follow up pandemic brought to you forced in as a neo-marxist installation of survey agendas ; engineerings and post-controlled societies – socialism is the virus for any Zombie IQ brainwashed at a year zero ground level by any source media: the beginning of this plannification> 2022. Consume your shit to hit the point of getting yourself humiliated and crawling ; burnt entirely by these technocratic Elitists from a future digital era: the renewed totalitarianism. You’d learn to get Nailed with it: the end of humanity.

Control of healthcare is the most important tool to control fear of people and rule by chaos. It is explained clearly by Saul Alinsky. After this ; comes a second post control and it is the creation of mass poverty made to emulate a redondant mediatic propanganda getting the misery in exergue. Exactly what had promoted the NGO’s.

What is the most important tool in politics- is the control of the public opinion and once this opinion has no counter-defence – there can be settled a lock-up of the information with no dissidence. The body and the mind do become a prison. Concentration camps are located from a mapping all along the transiberian USSR railways – one of this camp in wild nature is a Hunter’s Game. New prisoners are thrown into a natural space where other prisoners turned as cannibals. To survive they will hunt ; kill each another and eat the flesh from the newcomers. Here the communist SURVIVALISM recreated in the Russian Video-shooting-game METROPOLIS. Your Nine Inch Nails depiction of tribalism will be correctly resolved. I had made good efforts to dismantle it. This is the title I have remixed named The Greater Good (Tryon Remix). Read all these precepts from the doctrine below :


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Before I introduce Nine Inch Nails physical material a deconstruction of Year Zero = 2022 ; we can describe the FREEWILL.

The freewill is what you have left when you are able to chose one way or the other. For this the freewill distinguishes a freedom not always driven by action but before any action a conscious decision giving the idea to act.

Idea to act deals with the concept we birth to assemblate a sentence from words and express ourself and in same time understand the world surrounding. The logoreah ; the greek LOGOS.

If the world surrounding doesn’t make any more a sense : our ideal moralist having itself been build-up from an overall correct education and this world doesnt fit anymore with the idea we had from it in – “how much the world should reflect an emanation of beauty and perfection or qualities” – it would mean that the outside is no longer natural by law and is alienated itself and not anymore in harmony with the individual : not a representation of God and ourself in a good sense we know.

The individual then is still standing while the world outside is getting chaotic.

What is then left in that case ?

If the world turned chaos ; it would mean that what missed was the individual spirituality. There is no compromise with outside elements of the world in action as the conscience reveals itself inactive towards a chaotic world. On contrary – then the conscience can reconnect itself alway and in any situation with the spiritiality as an ascent.

For this the freewill dealt in a choice to make a difference with bad or good – and it had created this chaos we know actual where intensity of pain will forward to demonstrate that the bad is omnipresent. Chaos doesnt come generated out of nothing. It succeeds a series of events determined and ungod. The good would then be found on the other side when good and bad are not known from their fruit like a new beginning where the gnosis didn’t birth from a bad fruit and wasn’t the end. Where maybe it is way possible to know by simply addressing without having to get entirely spoiled from the manicheism. Into light spoke also Zaratustra.

This freewill might overcome to some ; those had made a reseach their own adopting the inner prayer speaking it correctly by words outside of them.

It is Metaphysical and has nothing anymore to do with nature ; with an outside chaos – nor with a determination getting into activism ; shown into acts or violence – non of that.

Outside of this alienation ; it might belong as a certainty in loving something bright ; warm and fresh ; renewed always like a source in same time – warm at heart ; even being alone and having thoughts for others distant or solitary ; a thought for the ones already departed yet in a desire to meet again for example ; something secret and loving – some acceptation for there is down here not a fatality but a proof of life. Proof of life is real humanity.

There is no fatality as described by Voltaire or the centuries of lights ; there is only truth to reveal and adore with a grace.

That is why I had deconstructed Nine Inch Nails – to help Trent Reznor to be wiser and see what was God Given. Not to help servicing an ideal capitalist turning high as a blind socialism. Show that his path was wrong is a task for someone skilled ; and that there could always be a manner to get better/perfected without the inconveniences. Just be human. He just forgot what was essential : – by freewill. Freewill would fail with the reason and absolutism becoming a tyranny of a few. Dreams of reason as his ; produce monsters. The metaphysic will project us soon to know better others and to see with a good sense the truth and that the world is led Godly.

You have choice now – these times had come…

Damien Veen

“Iconic Guru Promotion of VERSUS Feat. Nine Inch Nails – a Sequel of YEAR ZERO”

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The nice idea with the AMONN REMIXES of YEAR ZERO is to create VERSUS. The antinomic refutation could be the one COMPLOTIST amongst many theories but Year Zero production is old from 11 years – so it is just a mirror. Getting into a critisizm facing with the narrative of some TRIBALIST and his prophecy is of a greater actuality in the present time and easy but will not design a future. Indeed it is more easy to prospect in the camp of those who critisize but most people have even yet lost this sense. You’d see that anyone pretending to be a GURU belongs now to a determinated TRIBE that is not moralist but normative ; it imposes the merchandizing; – speculation was a profit in the now but what if there is no tomorrow?. Bankers have become also Merchants: -try this – buy some- became the legalized corruption ; and for instance – everything is for sale!

Copyright is not much anymore respected ; on principle quantitative easing is more than tolerated. I have chosen iconoclasty of Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol introducing the emblematic figure of the Chief of the Tribe as an URBAN GURU ; Trent Reznor leader of Nine Inch Nails becomes the personification – “RAGGA KHAN”.

Last year I found in my attic, a precious scarf HERMES 1970 produced for the “Horses Races Criterium” gifted to my Grand Father by his Highness Aga Khan. Here some precision about who was AGA KHAN ; as its name indicates a KHAN :

Aga Khan is a title held by the Imām of the Nizari Ismāʿīli Shias. Since 1957, the holder of the title has been the 49th Imām, Prince Shah Karim al-Husseini, Aga Khan IV. All Aga Khans claim descent from Muhammad, last prophet of Islam.

As a contemporary deconstructivist pendent getting in the public image of Nine Inch Nails with Versus Remixes – there is a concept treasured by those modern curators and merchants who generally promote a mediocre painting ; a disrupted art or an installation made of recycled untemporal poor materials that will desagreggate ; not made to everlast nor elevate the mind. An art perishing like an old RELIC – just as the old generation who raised us and had taught to have a respect for the nature.

As relic is the idea here ; there is represented : a SKULL ; the HAND-THAT-FEEDS from the presence ; Ragga Khan ; Rexy the Dino (Remixer) ; Andy Karolingian ; Rino Feroce and maybe plenty of other ideas held as a slight digital street-art promotion getting along with NIN-VERSUS and J.M. BASQUIAT.

RAGGA KHAN affirms the electoral democratic process of the tribe as an UBUESQUE decline of the politics in the ideal. For he claims that he never had seen out there in our civilized world: any Culture nor a Democracy. Still a partisant system remains only as a marketing framing the production quantitative but no quality – and it describes well the MUSIC BUSINESS and INDUSTRY and how money was so important to finance all media by associating the BANK. The mercantile Saturnist idea giving HYPERPOWER! such as an anarchic destruction pertains in the form of a SAURIAN technocratic Tribe disposing of the budgets to accomplish the prophecy. As read in the TRIBULATIONS. Where an old materialist PATRIARCHAL ORDER resides in need of a SACRIFICIAL RITUALISM. This to continue to exist and remain as NEW ; fed by the younger’s blood and flesh : A cannibalist society justifies our remains of the days.

  • Influence would be driven by “The Little Prince” from the French author Saint-Exupery, that David Bowie tributed often with “Reality” as meeting with the Snake in a desert (“Cactus” song is that reference). This one is proposing to bite him in-teeth for a promise that it wouldn’t “hurt”. It is describing the heavy drained generation of Reptiloids we know ; materialists and decievers. And it forwards to a tribalist and cabalist collective suicide of the entire younger generations.

Insider of a more prophetic definition it forwards to the Ancient-Testament.

Year Zero VS Versus:

There might be “Another Version of the Truth” (Versus) ; that is kept hidden like a veil – but life continues and “NOTHING HAS CHANGED”. “Capital G” projects us all in a – Global Reset 2022 (Year Zero) to acheive in the edifice.



Trent Reznor aka Ragga Khan

In a manner to give a name to each REMIX that is a Featuring of the band ; Ragga Khan is one of our titles for “GOD GIVEN”.

Rexy the Dino Remixer-Spinner

Andy Karolingian art – a worshipping VERSION of Ragga Khan in his Ministeries

IN TRIBALISM AND VOODOO – THE PRESENCE becomes a MANA CONTAINER by THE POWERS OF THE SORCERER – the presence is a PARASITE HOSTING A LIVING BODY – you never see the presence being a ghost ; you just see its container as any POLITICIAN or GURU kind doing his stage “giggling” or disambuguation by a speech in an interview a politic campaign or even seen on TV at CNN.

THE LOGOS BECOMES A SOUP ; as any ROTTEN TOMATO it is deconstructed to be placed as a LIQUID inside a WARHOLIAN TIN CONTAINER.

“Telling No Lies…”

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So far so good… very happy to finish this work soon – it will leave my print deep-anchored in there as a real surgery ; a work of precision and sharp re-arrangements:

  • “Yet I hardly can listen to the Official version YEAR ZERO anymore with this…” It is super appealing!

The job AMONN VERSUS ft. NINE INCH NAILS advanced slowly but surely and would be ready to distribute as soon as possible in a format 320KPS for public streams. Creative-Commons will be registered as legal for authorship from Shangrilla-Dolls Label™ side so that there is no argument. An idea here as it is titled VERSUS ; I wonder if I will not place the tracklist reversed starting with ZERO SUM.

When satisfied with the final Mastering – I supply it in my computer’s iTunes to review and calibrate what I pick-up perfect. There is no art sleeve for heavy standard PCM 24bits/48Khz. Db is harmonized for each TRACK at -0.1 Limit ; the sound is homogenous with great bass enhancement and a sustaining hall feel. There will be 2 ; 3 Add -ons later like B-Sides of the some tracks Remixed differently. Proof as seen here below.

There are: 2 Masters to acheive and 1 track left to Remix for VERSUS…

Some modifications here to show the REMIX edition ; this for this track – The Greater Good – it needs much precision on each track to get in a new production with different arrangements – to fit the epoch operated in same version LIVE8 :

When a layout is done at 48KHZ-24bits ; that all is levelled proper – I pass on Mastering trims for Fairchild adjustments and a limit light in brickwalling. No Eq’s or other tricky BUS inserts must be added. If the final layout is bad – it means it is your entire Remix that is unbalanced. The proof must be cleared – I do simple and natural. That way an analog simulation is added to the limit as shown will be a -0.1db ; it is our maximum once the compressor had given a relief to the mix. This shall give for noise-metal-industrial as Nine Inch Nails a very nice top notch result!- like for the analog grain of a B&W photograph out of a quality gelatine.

Damien Veen

“Another Version of the Truth…”

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For this track – I will not alterate nothing – I am not entitled to change the Truth…

I seek for it in my soul an conscience… I am a searcher.

When you listen again to this track after 10 years ; I didn’t take back this Album out of my trunks anymore ; I had moved since few years: – you will see that this is the only track true to Trent Reznor. It is an instrumental. So why is this track sincere?

– First because the vocation of Trent was to produce soundtrack to the movie Industry – an exploit to interfere and get accepted in this profession because it is a club of people. NIN performances look spectacular and great but they exhaust energy of the body as well as they would alter the psychism through the metabolism. For David Bowie ; let’s say his fans killed him! Also he had no post-control to get to know his limits. The stage pressure, the effort – is a Psychopomp – you give energy while you receive too much and it becomes dangerous in excesses for the artist/performer.

It is my last track to work and I shall loop the loop. Then I will be using my process but I won’t change it much in the manner that the track was ordered. After all this I am doing a last check of volumes balances and brickwalls upon each [VS] Remix – and so – it will be ready and when I feel it is “perfect” I am done. These last days ; I wondered – will I promulgate these Remixes finally to stream? Not sure I wanted to push it all ; not much a desire since I am done with all the process now – it was a big effort for my ears. – Now ; I like to be the only one to listen to what I do – it is very strange how it happened to me! – I continue the music as I did always much personal : but in those moments I am the only one to hear what I have created. It is not a conversation with myself. Maybe with someone above me.

About the NIN [Versus Remixes are no longer V2] ; the problem is that : – it is actually a Creative-Commons that is produced but a CD-R release is a problem in the copyright even though it could have been a nice objet to collect. I induldge that I have not signed authoring for that – nothing is official. So?… I would have wanted to give it for free – and/or to stream the integrality of these Remixes. What I shall do. It is delivered presented as a 320 KPS for SoundCloud and Repost. The MPEG-3 is layered down from this original 48Khz-24bits proof result new Master. As per technics – it is passed through the analog Fairchild 670 compression that has a nice grain and a brickwall is applied as a BUS but very light – so it won’t elapse the 0db. Then ; I have the HD result that I could later eventually propose as a CD-R. I dislike the internet distribution in the NOW – but what to do? Live & well at this epoch is such an awful disgrace. Boys Don’t cry! Nothing really matters… – All this circus really looks like a joke…

Above ; you can look how I see the idea of “The Hand that Feeds”. No clue? Hmm… Make up your mind.

This release ; was a tremendous work – it can only be proposed as a [ft. Nin] because I had used the files but I have entirely re-arranged the original Band production from sources ; added more instruments – synths and pianos ; guitars and choirs and more… For the streaming-media – the Art-Sleeve is this one represented and for a CD-R it could be the previous one with another tint.

That is it. I’d feature the result of the brand new arrangements as soon as possible : but I don’t need a judgement ; the production is standing at last solid and very sharp.

I think a great effort yet to make it – AMONN VERSUS -YEAR ZERO NIN –

Thank you very much for having supported me so far: Beefy is a fan ; he pushed me to finish the full Album – telling me it was a great idea. If not? – Well ; if I had not received any support from a real fan of Nine Inch Nails ; I had not even thought to start the follow-up transition YEAR X (4 Tracks) to VERSUS COMPLETE. He directed me to the fan world that is unknown to me althrough the internet and that I cannot reach anyway on my own ; because my overlook is of an outsider. The fan scene is not the same as a collector and someone deeply concerned with the industrial music stage. I have appreciated this because – I really ain’t a fanatic of anything it states! Maybe as state of mindShirley Manson has a song performance of Garbage titled : I am only happy when it rains!

Damien Veen.

“The Phonies of Nine Inch Nails lyrics: Revisionism”

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There had been a long epoch of contemporary-research by reducing harmonies and getting into the srtructural synthesis. Very simply because the research advanced upon the electric manner to transduce sounds. A performance brought into a recording is made as a witness being proof that can be recovered as long as you wish to hear with no alteration with digital process – but it is now very limited like most of our senses ; as it issued compressions to pass bandwith of tight channels upon the internet. Harmonies get downgraded also by these oscillators to the point it will add some extreme distortion and it will give all this synthetic you are used and sometimes pleased to hear.

You had reviewed just like me the lyrics of many artists to try to comprehend what they wished to express as : – David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails -. Most of the time what you read isn’t exactly what you can hear even if it sounds to you so much professional. Might it be a phonic transgression ? : Any progressive sound is eliminating harmonies by default and it is called “substractive” apart from samplers already compressed at the output. It is no longer much pure as a violin live-act that you hear in a room. I am witness as a musician of what I hear and then I had chosen to tell you my testimony taken from the deep review of the song “Meet Your Master”. It is only here – per example.

I might not hear the vocal like you consumer and fan of this Band because ; I had to train my ears for years upon Sennheiser headphones (they are precise and respect the aural human architecture and its physiology) ; to arrange ; compose or even remix.

  • What is there presented subjects that you are much disoriented – it is probably not what you read nor me.
  • First “polished steel” which could be the barricades made of metallic fences ; would dare to inform us of a place in the world where all this is yet dressed in place. I hear not this at all but : – “Palestin” – as it would be pronounced exactly in French for example and/or – “Pal & Steel” – which forms the wall between USA and Mexico now.
  • This information directs us to the State of Israël and the follow up would explain why it is Palestine that you can hear there and that made me understand the political focus where Trent Reznor was actively emotional in a resent. “I get in position against the Palestine” should make more sense in the mouth of Trent Reznor ; as if his real name was Rosner.
  • Then a second sentence “What we had installed for you” which would refer again to previous Pal & Steel and which would reveal concentration camps ; or GANTANAMO or what is left of GAZA ghettoized territories.
  • When you listen a bit more not looking back into the lyrics you would unveil Trent Reznor’s political preference which would define itself as Zionism in terms a radical ideology and conservatism.
  • I will give to you more details as I spent hours working on the “VERSUS” REMIXES by AMONN.
  • Further more the word “Modjahid” as “We’re going to play a new game” would in fact be “You do play a Mojahid” ; a rebel terrorist (PLO was formed in 1965). It is proposed as a phony but the lyrics seem to show up that all groups concerned get instrumentalized like are the anarchists – as they would serve an hegemonic purpose installing a distant mastered CHAOS and a remote controlled panic. Arab translation for Mojahideen is “Combattant for/from the People”.
  • So it seems to be that the most important part of this Opus YEAR ZERO is a resistance politic of a great mediatic envergure in the ideology (reason why the Opus is freely re-distributed open-source – it’s damn free and so friendly – so you grab it!) mixing up a confusion for those who don’t understand the facts. With those phonies ; we can understand all as a cryptographic mapping. Reason why a Spectrograph was proposed insider of the conceptual Album.
  • What you can do indeed is try to listen well again and you will not deny that each word ; voluntary or not – does present another meaning than what you can exactly read in plain ; way apart from the registered official lyrics, the sense can be different. I think it is interesting as a perspective and would help to reveal the true mind of the artist at the time and historical epoch he had got influenced by some inspiration.
  • If this source of inspiration was from – the Above and not from the Below – or from the crypt (the Lair) ; then, it wouldn’t reflect such a divulgation althrough those phonies. It gave real indications about the plane crashes into the Twin Towers-NYC. “You’ve left quite a mess here under your Stewardship” ; while we know now ; after 20 years, this plot or scenario getting mostly declassified was pre-planned by the CIA-Mossad. It is underligned with the documentary “The World after Bush” by William Karel and the journalist T. Meyssan “War and Big Lies-9/11”.
  • In 2001 ; I had met someone working for the CIA (indeed – I cannot tell his name ; I am not sure he even is still alive and didn’t directly explained it – but he was so much influent in cartel milieu of finances and connected to the Pentagon…) ; when the 9/11 happened ; he told me that he was not working for Israëli Intelligence Services. Which already meant: – he knew it would happen before the events even took place.
  • A last perspective ; is the rectification of history made by most Hebraïc radical scholarships. The Palestine hosted the proto-semits : – Ancient Judea and probably the Cannaan region would possibly be where the cradle of humanity had settled by migrations and not originating from the Extreme Oriental Mesopotamia. “What if all of a sudden, we entire humaninty ; discovered we were members of one Jew tribe and family – Instant Karma – John Lennon was then right? Politically and strategically catastrophic!”. You can take a map of the Midde-East and look ; is there a reason why wars are always provocated there ? Pumping the oil stealing the countries trading it as a justification for exchanging expired tons of drugs & pharmaceuticals products is only one indice. Profit & loss is there a deadline. Since Iraqi ; Syria and now the Irangate. Would this justify that many monuments get sacrificed ; sanctuaries are destroyed ; other places where ripped by ISIS-Daesh financed by the Obama administration?. Christie’s UK is now prosecuted because stollen arts from archeological Syrian sites had been auctioned in London. An ideology birthed from Illuminated philosophy replaces now freedom and free speech by this one concept : – In fact ; the true civilization history musn’t be heard – the Truth should never be revealed to the public ; at term if someone revendicated something in this future ; people would claim back their territory and set up a last Nuremberg. The identity of Palestine in term of a Nation is then – simply wipped out from the surface of the Earth since 1950. (I had met a few Palestinians working in Emirates and they had for passport what looked out to be some piece of toilet-paper with a blue stamp). Citizenship ; nationality had been erased. Does it look like a Mission? – Well ; it is detailed in scriptures – there ; it was all over-written (have you forgotten?). While Exodus might not have really happened through the ways we think we know and not at all through Egypt – where Moses was coming from then? – as told by the Christians – the ways of the Lord are unknown to us.
  • If the cradle of humanity rather was in Syria ; Iran ; Iraqi ; it would easily explain the reason why bombings always happened in this perticular area of the world – in an extreme destruction of the cities and populations by NATO. Moving populations leaving areas free to execute some archeological excavations or prospects shall permit to seize, classify or erase entire periods of the human history and especially important Biblical traces and proofs. When the history is not anymore factual ; it can be replaced by sources more “Hegelian” ; the reality is redrawn the way it serves a purpose or coersive, just like a new synthesis. A lie holding a post-control over future religious populations can then emulate a new Belief and a worldwide universalist dogma. Here is the mission. The tool is now prefabricated with a pandemic illusion promoting the fear and the superstition.
  • This overall Messianic Prophecy just became the Utopia of the Global Reset and should settle in 2022 – Year Zero – don’t be naïve or complotist “you’d say”: – even a Wallstreet stock-market crash must be initiated as pre-planned ; to assume a reset of the financial economic system not to leave behind – a complete chaos : – the Central Bank system is preserved by billing prints load of fresh cash for creating like in 1929 – an inflation a bit less harmful – it is under control of the FED RESERVE. Corporate Banks do love the inflationism ; it is much profitable to them as a Keynes practice .
  • If the future ; generations shall not demand any explaination to their condition of life (I think youth prefers to watch Justin Biber & Taylor Swift on the Television) ; they would certainly not either ask Nine Inch Nails why they named their Album Year Zero. This band is a small stone into a giant edifice. They are a small kingpin snail insider and witness of an overall corporate system or productive machinery at their epoch-time.
  • – So where did Nine Inch Nails want us to go with – “Year Zero” – ; what could we learn from their songs as – : Survivalism? A victory of post-Democratic totalitarian paraboots and a Governance methodism? Does it sounds yet ridiculous to us? – A tyranny made by: Your critisizm ; the Government or the mainstream Media?

Sometimes it happens to us musicians ; that we write the lyrics just after they had been sang instantly like automatic for the people. This to justify that a prologue to the concept had ever existed. – But it never did -. It was all an instamatic myth and a fabrication in the form of propaganda ; like a Polaroïd.

No premonition ; the inspiration by Trent Reznor for Nine Inch Nails is the same as the one by King Minos for David Bowie.

It is made from the Crypt or the Labyrinth of Pan. Pan has “pagan and social nationalism” and the cryptology has “cabbalism and communism“. As you had probably guessed. It is there all drawn from Spirite – or a contact with the dead and most influences are morbid Teosophic/Gnostic – ; more than the New Age shown in the song “The Warning”. Therefore ; most of those inspirations that you absorbed as a passive Public and a consumer: are all Luciferian. If there is a good Gnosis ; I can assure you that this isn’t the right one.

The end shall justifiy the means. Those working to forge the mediocracy are in this epoch: acclaimed ; glorified and honored.

I might sometimes have had this ability to lead you to the cave like some White Rabbit – at least during 15 years had I tried my best with my Label Shangrilla-Dolls™ ; then I also had shown to you the Beast hidden in there as I knew yet the entire monstruous scenario: – Year Zero 2022.

I wanted this leaving no footprint into this world – because ; I didn’t trade something vital and gracious with any host at all to get offered with something much better than my mortal lifespan: to lay my head where the grass felt much greener. If I had done that ; maybe !! I would have been rich and also most famous: – it would be such a fatal disgrace…

22 = 0. What you attracted ; you might reflect – the Pyramid of Power.

Nin is violent.

Ask yourself: – Is there any justification valid to such a violence? A psycho-therapy? a psy-Ops?

In the end there shall be a new beginning.

You will be where you always deserved to be ; rather than servicing something evil VERSUS good which could be a treason and an apostasy made to your life ; make yourself a conscience having supported Nine Inch Nails as a fan.”It reminds me that proof is made down here in a passage and the only life we own”.

Damien Veen

“Passions and Politics : The propagandist turn of an industrial music business era”.

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The XXTh century is an incredible mess in terms of everything. For my artistic part ; it was made creating AMONN collectively and get in the discovery of a perverted system. Function of your political engagement more than a class – things will happen or not. The music industry turned as “The Cult” – we could have named it “activism” also “radical leftism”. So here we are in the now and my task is to be more precise about what I write.

For developing this argument ; passions and politics are just a perfect mix that might justify the fact some Bands are promoted ; some artists get silenced and ignored or left into the dark.

There is a pre-destination having no destination at all into this by the “Passions” – those will flirt well with a modern Cultism as insider of our passions – the “Deadly Sins” bring forward into corrupting the human soul.

An heritage modern since the Revolution of 1917. A sucessful Marxist & Bolshevik frame squaring the modern society as an enslavement led us to the totalitarian corporatist situation.

In 1890 in Russia and by the fundation of different succesful occidental “Orders” are emerging schisms of the Gnostic inherited Sofia (Pistis Sophia) through the Teosophical Society getting into some assemblage with the Malthusian productivism from 1798 ; permuted as a Marxism/Leninism. Other Lodgers settle in Moscow as Magus Papus ; protector of Czar Nikolas II (Head of the Martinist Order). Those reputated groups issued from scholarships being sourced by Gurus of the shadows – will emerge a Mastermind oligarchy (The Pawns in The Game-W.G. Carr) – as a neo-humanist socialism: The Communism (as a Social Realism) and the National Socialism. These ones will decide to implement a productive eco-system ; an industrial progressist reset called the modernism after the Crisis of 1929. A list of Elitist school of thoughts getting predominant such as: – the Fabian Society or the Open Society. They will pursue agendas promoting new administration framework inside States organization (the Plannification/NEP) – we get today as “Technocracy” the conform model of the EU (a copy-paste of USSR State apparatus being also an apatrid Internationalist ideology: you can hear some friends say – “I am citizen of the world” ; meaning they will go to Frater Land ; dealing with more promising conditions of life and less an effort to get promoted – but they are in no case rooted to any Nation it states ; less a culture of origin – nor to their families). This mindset birthed out all our occidental Cultural agenda connected to the Communist Propaganda. We accepted it as fundamental from our education in Universities ; because some part historical was backdrawn far hidden – into the dusty closets of our Libraries. The people do suffer of this contingency althrough the last century especially it pushed on “suicides” as a Romantic spirit – in writings ; music ; philosophy (a form of depression will announce the 1st WW and 2nd WW.). Anarchism is getting affiliated to these same protagonsists (they are the first advertizers: Maiakovsky in Russia) as a tool-axis to engineer the society’s deep-ends by the Universalism as a dogma (desire for something you have not but that a “Nomenklatura” possesses irremediably ; it is shown now public as the rotten-to-the_bone insider of such a political perversion). It is a same axis as in diplomatic Alliances (an Embassy is made to spy a country – at worse ; subvert)- post-culture and pop are at the edge of everything nocive for the public getting hungry with fashions ; giving it a new shape to brainstormers (publicists) and marketers of this deception by naming them “activists”. They have produced a monster becoming now an hybrid with the profit/capital promoted by the corporations and the medias. We enter in an era merging a new model – fascism & trotskyism-leninism altogether from a same mold.

Note well that : -The orthodox-catholic countries always have revolutions happening upon their grounds ; while the corporatist and protestant countries will keep their monarchies as a representative power only. Any socialism will put a term to the Republic and with it an end to the Democratic freedom.

It is the song of David Bowie at reverso depicting the situation in the album “Scary Monsters” with his track title and lyrics “Fashion”. Apart that the sound of the boots had been pacified by a slow -motion revolution term installing the NWO – as the “spring revolutions” act by influent Lobbies through the NGO’s ; those being screens to hide whom supported the financements.

David Bowie “Scary Monsters”

The Art and Poetry are no longer of actuality but comissioned to a tribunal telling what is good or not to consume ; same for a “unique thought” imposing it to everyone is clinical and psychiatric . Getting the reject of a new Academic form trading judgement to a Technocratic sentence ; as in a Talmudic way where “Adonai” creationism is no longer a canonic rule but iconoclasted.

This is how at different levels of the music from the private copy to the open source diversification to the savalge violations of copyright ; the art slowly had degenerated. It does since the appearance of the modern music.

I have therefore chosen to finish the remixes of this visionary Album by Nine Inch Nails -Year Zero ; because it is the situation in the now with the Global Reset.

2010 was Year Zero as in advance of 2020 like if the band had been initiated.

I use this work and the music I did to critisize both the dramatic ideal ; the utopia and also the diarreah of uninteligible sounds that I can review all the time listening to what is proposed by publishers. Changing it complete as re-arranged : putting my salt insider of a re-harmonization. The original music having had no belonging insider of the Academy : the harmony.

Could it be harmonization of a single line or a musical swap to a 3th or 5th if not a 7th chord – all of this there is inexisant in term of performance (monochord or mono-tone) but it remained much popular using by force of propaganda by the edgy of a darkness ; an agenda of publications free to download and fanatic arguments that are not so legitimated as they are all “lies” depicting the lie within our mainstream society. The arguments there are much activists to reverse the logic – by lyrics mostly and by the concept side – as a post-Hegelian confusion. The art became a propagandist tool and is no longer art – but a doctrine being figment of a stone brought inside of the Pyramid we know. This would represent the dilemma issued from the workshop of all a generation descent from the 1950’s baby boomers.

In these terms and application to my workshop added re-engineering Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero from the sources – is made by some build-up in the demystification.

  • These ones acclaimed Mao or Pol Pot ; dreaming of a world united ; a world depersonalized and a social democracy. A crescent added to the fundamentalism – a tyranny.

1°- An artistic demystification ; as the lyrics had no “mask” to explain the ideal of the plannification as a plannification Stalinian without the Nationalism but in the profile leading the entire world to a comunautarist model of totalitarian society. (TOOLS: Climat Change ; Pollution : Healthcare ; New-Needs ; Warnings ; Collapse…) All those arguments are held by Saul Alinsky‘s group organisations ; Schwab’s WEF. Influences from the Scolarship at the LSE.

2° – Per a demystification of the heroic model. The superhero here is Trent Reznor. He shall be seen a modern counter-fighter an anti-nationalist and adopts the intelligence servicing Psy-Ops as a factual sum (what we know as “Q” today, described as a complotist theory) – unverifiable prefabrication or concentrate of informations made an illusion brought to the people to consume and absorb in the deconstruction of both : – the civilization and the art ; by an anarcho-structuralism (data-warfare) getting in a replacement to it – a new normal ; while there is a good form of anarchy with the uniqueness and its property quintessence and a one chaotic as universal without the ownership : – from there ; nothing much “bright” nor instinctive or good and providential should emerge. (Cogito Ergo Sum = Zero ; a quantitative and qualititive – results the hedonistic enon ; where the aboslute 0 leads to the void – the negationism = Capital G vs GOD).

3° – Per an apology of the classic music brought to restructurate the noisy or industrial. Transfiguration of what was noisy and deranging or also deranged – into something beautiful and ordered. A single melodic line and a reassembly will make Trent Reznor voice and lyrics beautiful and sensual.

4° – Per showing the damage yet done to the brain and psychism of the adolescent both operative and speculative (a future idea of the low profile as a degeneration of intelligence) in the way edgy activism and ideas passed through all generations, they get Pavlovian and reflexive from the genes (another form of programmation). Corrupt all amongst the marketings by propagandist mechanism or ads. This is explained very well by the USSR transfugee I.S. Thomas Schuman in the 80’s. The sound & the voice shall be mastered as in – Meet Your Master. – “A French analyst at the Atomic Energy explained to me that the CNRS was looking for a cryptic new form of language to explain to future generations that there was a potential danger to approach where storages of Atomic Plant’s waste had been allocated. It needs an “appropriate-warning simple to comprehend for a low IQ” about the danger digging into those contaminated barrel compounds”.

In other words and to conclude here : – The identity of the band Nine Inch Nails needed not to reform. There had been attempts mostly promotional ; a marketing change to split the band as a rumour and get the buzz ; being for me the last heritage linked to David Bowie – in terms of a reference.

In first they had embrassed a profession and they had to be politically correct to enter the Hollywood Movie’s Industry by a slight opened doorway. To legitimate this way – they let the public think that they do it with no support and the Legend is thus created (The Social Network/FB start-up was financed by the CIA support having invested 500.000 USD upon M. Zückerberg). In any service agency Mossad ; CIA ; MI6 ; to obtain a potential efficient agentur – is created the “legend as a kingpin”. The legend helps to promotes the agent adopting it – to infiltrate a professional milieu that he prior studied. Same in the music artistic industry and any art it states (Angelina Voight Jolie entered as an Ambassador of the United Nations for she had a predisposal and the connection): you will trade your soul to adopt a milieu and swim in this swamp up to the hall of fame. We can translate this by clothing a sheep-clothe and adopting the wolf-skinned politically correct. We cannot remain much naïve anymore. Cultural Affairs are the best way to promote a doctrine – art is a tool used for manipulating the public opinion. There is no other way to Hollywood ; than adopting a satanic ritualism and get thus granted into this private club from a membership. You served well your Master ; therefore you’d get Awarded.

  • You get Adler’s book The CIA Report & New or “How will look the world in 2030” to read in plain and you won’t have to read Year Zero lyrics – this project was inspired directly from there.
  • It is not the world how it should be – it is just the world how the Bilderbergers had it prefabricated.
  • Once I heard Reznor speak in an interview about “there are too much people”. Was he speaking of depopulation or eugenism or was he speaking of the business milieu ? Beware what you would amplify exactly as it is a dangerous responsability ; the borderline here is very thinRather a Zionist product of the Noahshism : – Everyone gets embarked into a paradox where the parabel defines the Noah-Ark ; a space is reserved to rescue a very few after the Pandemic and Davos Economic Reset. “Chosen Ones” is illustrated in the Messianism. As you will see : – GOD GIVEN is probably taken out of “The Armageddon”… sadly it isn’t the GOD of the “Revelation”.
  • Nine Inch Nails parabels had so many confusions it looked like fables – commercially speaking the influence of this Band is a damage and a deprofundis brainwashing anyone not understanding the basis historical with its turnabouts and few politic or economic mechanisms. If you are well educated about turnmoils issued from the Global World Agenda ; you will laugh seeing the elephant inside the corridor that everyone had ignored. It needs to have done your own research – step-on crystals not breaking them ; don’t get distracted by mass anarchist impulsive and uncontrolled movements out there as they are financed by large and influent Mastermind groups of reflexion as Lobbycists influencers of the civil legislative to exectutive state apparatus. Get for yoursef a solid background to deliver a proper argumentation before you agree to buy something for granted.

I had seen this approach everywhere it states by my experience of the life, some people dreaming to buy an Aston Martin yet driving a Lamborghini : they were in fact no socialists but pretended to be. They’d do anything to run the red carpet of the Alley of Fame but here, the art and music is just an artefact. It has a common sense to the public charity that it wasn’t a toy for entertainments : what the mainstream media shows to you to see looks absolutely a perfect tour of philanthropy – but it is not the truth. It is what can be sold.

Then I don’t think that Nine Inch Nails ; David Bowie’s ; The Rolling Stones career – are much legitimated in art. I make this statement that the mission is beyond the talent or the art as a subversive systemic demoralization and it is the strategy. – They rather look getting to the edgy and falling into fame as per this flame is the disgrace. A clownery ? I see studios well equiped and financed – potential budget – but not a revelant need of all this technology to assume the apology. Where is the moral of the story ? We didn’t even speak of a morality.

Bureau of Morality – Iconic subversive infiltration
  • Acts are your personal responsability ; therefore stands a moral before you in the trial to any of your acts – with no God above you ; you have no liability applied in any protection – nor here ; nor in the afterlife. -“All my trials, Lord will be remembered ; everything has changed” (David Bowie – Sunday)
  • Trent is now isolated and in this final statement ; he is victimized by his own beliefs and ghosts (Nine Inch Nails) and the milieu he had slowly adopted to end-up like a conformist. He is conform with the milieu ; he reveals no Apocalypse ; therefore he stands in a perfect fit to the NWO ; a conformity with the mainstream of this ideal-socialism ; “the promised land” (B. Obama) ; the terrestrial Jerusalem.
Iconic Internationalist Bureau – the conspiracy

It needs more than this to get into the honor and demonstrate a dignity from an art that is not tooled ; perverted nor toyed. It needs factual to show you are no doll by its puppet-master.

  • I had not yet read any factual and argumented basis of source information taken out of NIN. Misinformation ?” Deconstructivism could be intelligent. Watching their interviews ; I never understood any argumentation it stated – valid to assume clarification of a clean-standing conceptual idea.
  • Brainwash ?

Other examples – as getting into the obligation to sanctify a dead band or artist would result in pertaining your “self” not to be torn apart ; reveals itself a show-biz drama. It was the challenge between Nine Inch Nails staging with David Bowie (to keep-it-up). Congratulating people entricist of their vowed milieu ; ending-up in : – congratulating themselves esoterically – as an inner Cult ; center of a same Circle appeals to the navel = Hedonism.

An endless deception and the counterfeit pathway of all propagandist history is there to depict – as a phenomenon totalitarian pertained in all arts at industry since the XXth century began:- philosophies ; politics or economies and sciences.

Demystifying the fake “getting unmasked” must be done by : doing “good” in no mission to oneself or to the others – good is an absolutism and an absolution here to have effect as a genuine revision. Remixing stands as a revision like V2 by AMONN and a reinterpretation ; as when the future generation will soon or later discover such a pathetic history or understand that art and cultural history had been programmed for them to be consumed by human passions and not to see with clear eyes.

I had no choice saying : “I want to finish re-arranging and remixing in terms of production – than by finishing the job I had started 9 years ago with 4 tracks yet achieved and named Year-X NINMIX V2. When all of this trial is finished and presented at Soundcloud as Samplers – 128kps – I shall proceed to master finely for a 44.1KHZ PCM at 24bits layout.

The support could be a double CD or a mainstream Media – I am not sure yet but I want to invest for two reasons : – I do place myself being a resistance “AMONN vs NINE INCH NAILS” in the production phasis & finality because I do estimate I am not part of a big ideal nor deal. My ideal of life is not ambitious as a rock ‘n roller ; I see now very up-to-date how the working class heroes of the music business industry have had such a malfunction. And this is not even a personal statement.

  • “I do it and will drink the cup until the last drop” – I said to myself – you will like it or not – let’s take the sake for poison – “it is my last workshop done upon any Remixes ; there is no way to continue this without getting crucified”. It must be accepted thereas interpreting Nine Inch Nails in a way much different or another positive comprehension ; in an inverted edgy-way where once iconoclasted into deconstruction ; it won’t be any longer possible for the “fan” to revisit the original Opus.
  • – You would ask me do you dislike Nine Inch Nails at this point to get into this? . No ; I liked the professionalism in the way it has been led as a career. I do remain a Monarchist but my patriotism that is left inside of me might not help in getting a very good friend with Trent Reznor because I see his fragile. The weakness might be the education he had inherited. It can be the place at the start being with yourself young and isolated – but it was the right country to get everything at best and to handle this band to succeed and well – at the right time. All is matter of being at the right place and at the right moment. I am well initiated therefore I had to work very hard to have AMONN done. My own family held a considerable educational heritage from Latin to Greek scholarship. I do not envy his “position” in the now at all because I am in the mesure to analyse it – to say so I will add after reading what I wrote again – that I prefer to be able to critisize as it means I can have a good spirit ; a luxury that he is deprivated from where he stands in this end. I simply have no pity for any deviant nor subversive unjustified : politics are at this epoch building-up fast and amplify very dangerously humanism in their passions : humanism has no “humanity” . There shall be no reward to take into this in the endI shall always avoid any of this corruption form.

Another form of the deconstruction getting valid. A new reform shaping value to the art…

– Damien Veen